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Rajeev had seen her several times in the market with her friends in jeans and sometimes, wearing skirt and top. She looked like a film heroine to Rajeev. When she taught in the class, Rajeev felt hypnotized by her beauty. That day there was no limit to the happiness of Rajeev. Rajani was sitting next to him and Miss Ross was standing in front of him. In all, ten rounds were played. Rajeev and Rajani topped by answering almost all questions.

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Rajani shook his hand and greeted him in return. Miss Ross also congratulated them. A team of two girls came in the second position. One of them lived in the neighborhood of Rajeev. Her name was Kavita. Several times, he had noticed her in his neighborhood, but they had no introduction and never talked. She came forward and congratulated Rajeev and Rajani and introduced herself. She was also a student of tenth standard and studied in a different class.

That day passed on the fun.

Rajeev and Rajani were treated as a hero and heroine of their class. Kavita was also very happy that day as she had won a prize and got the opportunity of talking with Rajeev. She often saw Rajeev in her neighborhood. She started liking him. She found Rajeev different from the other boys. Often she noticed many boys gazing her in such a way, which made her ill at ease or at least self-cautious.

Rajeev did not even bother to look at her when she was around. This was strange and caused a craving in her heart for his attention. On the closing day of the annual sports, there was the distribution of prizes. On that day, all the students were allowed to wear dresses of their choice instead of the school uniforms.

All were wearing colorful dresses. The atmosphere was very colorful and full of excitement. Rajeev was dressed in the cream-colored silk shirt and brown pants. Rajani was wearing blue jeans and a shirt. She had left her hair loose and tagged a blue hair band. Kavita came wearing a new red silk Salwar suit. She wanted to be noticed by Rajeev in her new dress. All students saw each other more often-in Uniform so they were keenly looking at each other with eyes full of admiration. Miss Rose took up the microphone on the stage and requested all to sit down. Principal, vice principal, and the chief guest, who was a senior police official were seated on the stage.

Principal and the chief guest delivered speeches, in which hardly anyone was interested. After the speeches, the awards distribution started. Kavita, meanwhile, saw Rajeev was sitting in the third row from the front with his friends. Some girls were sitting in the next row. She found a chair next to those girls vacant.

She got there and sat with them. Foremost, the prizes for sports were distributed followed by the prizes for other contests. Rajani and Rajeev went together and received the award for the first position. Kavita and her partner took the second prize. Kavita felt a little jealous of Rajani for being close to Rajeev. His legs started to twitch, i smiled slightly and stopped licking, resting my mouth on the top of his penis i slowly started to move lower and lower as he gave out a loud breathe of stimulation.

I kept going until the full thing was know inside my mouth and began to move my mouth slowly up and down, he started to breathe heavily in excitement this just made me go faster. Buizel was now almost screaming the paw that was on his chest he'd moved over his now fully open mouth to try and muffle the screaming. The paw on the back of my head squeezed tightly i knew he was about to cum, so again i slid my mouth down all the way and as i did he came in my mouth the paw covering his mouth he used to grasp the grass as he did with the other one and released a powerful scream of extacy.

I swallowed the lot except for the excess i wiped from my mouth, i looked over at Buizel who still with his eyes closed was breathing very deeply. I leaned over him placing my hands either side of his body and closing my eyes i kissed him passionately on the lips sliding my tongue in his mouth. He removed his left paw from the grass and placing it on the back of my head kissed me back and slipped his tongue past my lips and into my mouth as well.

We kissed passionately for ages then pulling back we smiled at each other, gently i rolled him back over now my erection was pressing against my trouser and against his thigh he simply looked in to my eyes and smiled while his hand slid into my pants i unbuckled them and slid them past my knees. I placed my hands behind my head as he moved closer to my erect penis, as he slowly licked the top he stroked it with his paw. He continued to lick up and down my penis as a rush of heated extacy filled my body.

He slowly slipped it into his mouth gently moving up and down very sensitively nipping with his teeth giving a mixture of pleasure and pain. Suddenly i couldn't hold any longer i reached the peak of sexual extacy and shouted allowed I'm gonna I swung my arms round and like him grabbed the grass and as i did i exploded down his throat, he bit down harder as he swallowed the lot, i was in pain from the biting but i was enjoying it to much to say anything as i ripped the earth and grass out the ground.

I smiled happily as he licked the wound he left from biting, looking sad that he bit so hard i said struggling for air. I fell back to the ground as he came and laid down beside me, our hearts beating through our chests we turned and faced each other smiling with joy we kissed intimately for a long time then laid back down as he draped his arm over me. Once we both had the strength to move we sat up and agreed we needed to get clean, i removed the rest of my clothes and dived into the water followed closely by Buizel.

We played around for a while as we cleaned each other then we climbed out as he shook himself down he soaked me, we both laughed and then i turned around, putting my feet into the water i started to clean the rest of me. Curious as to what he was doing i carefully looked over my shoulder to see him stood up cleaning his groin region with his tongue, i couldn't help but watch and even with the freezing temperature of the water my body started to once again heat up.

He looked out the corner of his eyes at me watching him he smiled slightly and continued to lick himself getting more intimate, as he progressed my body started to boil with passion as his penis started to show through his fur. I walked towards him and threw myself at his now moist lips passionately we kissed until both of us were back to fully being erect. He started to stroke my naked body as i stroked him, his hands were all over me until he stopped suddenly he looked over my shoulder and quickly dived under the water.

Wondering what was wrong i turned around and coming through the trees was a trainer, i quickly threw on my trousers, t shirt and jacket as Buizel peaked his head out the water. He signaled me to follow him into the water, with my erection protruding through my trousers i quickly rolled up my sleeping bag and attached both that and my flask to my backpack and dived in. Buizel reached out his paw and as i grabbed it he turned around and we exploded across the lake.

Buizel signaled that he was diving down so i took a deep breathe and again using both his tails like a propeller we flew through the bottom of the lake. Stopping suddenly he pointed his body up and in seconds we were just below the surface we raised our heads out the top and i took in a deep breathe filling my lungs with air, looking around i couldn't see the embankment any more he taped me on the shoulder and pointed to a small island in the middle of the lake again i took his hand and we were propelled by his tails in that direction. In minutes we had reached the island and we climbed onto the tiny beach, both of us soaking and cold he pointed to a gap in the trees we walked through it and about ten feet in there was a clearing, in the centre of the clearing there was a little log cabin damaged and deserted for what looked like years.

Buizel entered the cabin through a small window at the side, when he was in i followed on but my foot got caught and i fell inward but luckily Buizel caught me his face flushed red as he looked into my eyes and then away, i smiled as he stood me back on my feet then led me into the corridor and across into the next room. It was an office for a ranger station old torn maps littered the walls and a desk in the centre slanted to one side with old paperwork on it. On the desk to the left was to items a picture and an old poke-ball, the picture was covered with dust.

As i cleaned it the picture showed a young woman in a ranger uniform with her arm around a Buizel. He turned around and ran to the door then turned and nodded me to follow him we ran to the front door which was in a room that had only one chair a table with an old lamp on and it was placed in front of a hand built fire place,. He again nodded while moving a block from the door i followed him as he ran outside. He led me through the trees and further up the beach, were he came to a sudden stop at some rocks he pointed out to the furthest rocks that were being pummeled by the lake and resting against the second rock was a badly damaged boat.

I said nothing i just looked at buizel who was upset and placing my hand on his shoulder we headed back to the cabin. Once we entered i closed the door behind me and placed the block back in front.

I removed my soaking clothes which were starting to rub against me and placed them near the fire then i went back to the room that we entered from, i picked up some sheets that were in the old wardrobe and took them back to the front room. I used the box of matches on the fireplace to light the wood in the fire place it took a while but they finally went up, i placed my clothes around the fire and looking over at Buizel i sat in the chair wrapping the sheets around me, as i did i called Buizel over he lifted his head and looked over with a smile,. I tapped part of the chair beside me and he rushed over and jumped up into my lap as he snuggled in placing his head on my chest i wrapped one of the sheets around him and snuggled in close as he licked my cheek as if to thank me, and soon enough Buizel had fallen asleep.

As he lay there his breathing made a quiet humming sound soothing in a way i started to feel aroused as his breathing pressed up and down on my chest and his paw sliped lower and lower i quickly became erect. Uncomfortable to feel like this while he slept i decided to try and ignore it and closed my eyes.


Soon night fell and buizel started to wake up, he slowly opened his eyes looking straight at me who had also awoke, he gave a cute yawn and smiling he opened his eyes fully and stretched. In doing so his paw sliped all the way and landed on my erect penis he looked down and as he did i became embarrassed. He slowly moved down and placed his paw on my penis and looked up at me, he gleamed with a mixture of passion and lust and as he did my embarrassment faded and he leaned in and kissed me passionately again sliding his tongue into my mouth and down my throat.

His right paw clasped my neck tightly and so did his left, he slid over and swung his leg around so that he was straddling me and sitting on my groin his two tails know dangling between my legs and his now erect penis lay on my body. I placed my hands on his back just above his tails and as he continued to kiss me my penis rubbed gently against his anus he looked down at it pressing against him with a smile on his face he looked deeply into my eyes and nodded his head and again kissed me on the lips.

I reached down with my hand grabbing my penis firmly and gently pushed it slightly into Buizel's anus he let out a loud deep breathe and tilting his head up he closed his eyes and again nodded, I pushed it in slowly getting deeper and deeper buizels breathes were getting louder and louder, as i was almost fully in i stopped and gave Buizel a chance to rest as i could see he enjoyed it but was also in pain.

I slowly started to move in and out, buizel could hardly hold his excitement his face showed both enjoyment and agony, he started to sweat and his fur glistened as i started to thrust harder and harder his excitement grew he placed his head on my shoulder as he tried not to scream out he bit down on my ear witch stimulated me even more i thrusted in and out as hard as i could he couldn't hold it in any more one scream after another continued and once he stopped screaming he again bit down on my ear. I couldn't hold any longer as i exploded inside him he too exploded over the both of us covering my stomach and his fur.

We both laid there soaked in his juices his anus leaking with mine. We cleaned ourselves in the water as we noticed the sun was beginning to raise we sat on the beach holding each other close and watched the sunrise together his head laying in my lap. It was true i had fallen in love with Buizel as he rested his head in my lap staring across the lake i could see that i was passionately in love with him, my heart was constantly racing and i never felt happier then when i am with him. How could this be never mind how for now i wonder if he feels the same about me.

He looked up at me with a smile on his face his eyes heavy from exhaustion i looked deeply back into his eyes and smiled back. We entered the cabin and i removed my soaked underwear and placed them near the fire as i put another log on, we headed down the hall past the office and the room we entered,and headed to the room at the very end, opening the door it was the bed room and in good condition. The bed was still good and had a mattress i went back and grabbed the sheets, the sleeping bag the lamp which i lit and my pyjamas which was just a black t shirt.

Returning to the room Buizel was waiting patiently by the door ok lets go in, stepping inside i placed the lamp on the table and closed the door. I sliped on the t shirt while Buizel stood watching normally that would bother me but not him, i placed the sheets on the mattress and using the sleeping bag as a dovet i climbed on to the bed opening the sleeping bag i said to Buizel.

Smiling he climbed in and laid down. When i woke up Buizel had already gone into the front room, as i walked in he was curled up on the chair getting warm by the fire which had dried my clothes. He curled back down and closed his eyes. Back in the room i put on my grey trousers, navy blue t shirt after removing my black one my black trainers and my black jacket with the gold stripe, I left my backpack on the bed after rolling up my sleeping bag and removed my flask to take a drink as i raised the flask to my lips and started to drink i noticed Buizels shadow reflecting on the wall.

Reaching into my bag i pulled out a metal tray which i placed on the floor and filled with the rest of the water know that's all the water we have till i can fill it up, after Buizel finished drinking i told him to wait for me in the front room while i tidied up. After clearing away my stuff and attaching my sleeping bag and flask to the bag i slid it under the bed and went back into the hall, before going into the front room is stopped off in the office i picked up the poke-ball being careful and also picked up the photo.

I said to myself. Putting the poke-ball and picture back down, i headed into the front room where Buizel had again curled up on the chair as i approached smiling he sat up and smiled back. Buizel's shock left his face and he put his paws in my hands and nodded his head, i smiled like i never smiled before and kissed Buizel intimately. I pulled out the spare ball from my belt he smiled and nodded his head standing back he waited as i through the ball shouting.

The ball bounced from his head and a red beam pulled him in as i waited, the red light stopped blinking i picking up the ball welcomed him to the team and to my heart. A bright light shot from the ball and Buizel appeared. As bayleef hugged him with its vines quilava rubbed against him and Staravia wrapped its wings around his neck me and Buizel looked at each other winking smiling gradually. Three weeks had gone by and we had made a nice little home the cabin is looking better since we cleaned it up and even the Pokemon are loving it.

Staravia had made a nest in a tree out behind the cabin and i built her a house of her own around the nest to keep her warm. Quilava spends his time by the fire or training on the beach working on his flamethrower its become amazingly powerful, bayleef also trains using its vine whip to fling stones in the air and either hitting them with another vine whip or uses razor leaf she's become very accurate, as for me and buizel well we have been training on the lake and our relationship has helped with our trust and communication while battling we have learned loads of moves and our sex life couldn't be better, Not that the others know.

We have also decided to stay for 2 more weeks by then our training would be complete and we'd be ready for anyone plus leaving the island means that we would have to slow up on the fun at night and we both were not ready for that. Now as for food well we got that covered i created a sort of surfboard that attaches to Buizel so he can pull me along the water that way i can stock up on supplies from the nearest town.

Soon our time will come to leave this island that's when our journey will truly begin but with Staravia, Quilava, Bayleef and now Buisel by my side i know ill become a Pokemon master. It has been six day's since we decided to leave the island and Myself, Buizel, Staravia, Quilava and Bayleef have been unstoppable. We have been in many battles together and have continually won them all, after we left the island we had decided to try out for the masters league which this year was taking place in the Grevel region. We had already won 2 badges and were making our way to the third, now leaving the island was difficult as it had almost put a stop between my relationship with Buizel not that we haven't tried to keep it going.

As we start to kiss and get physical someone seemed to interrupt so we had to stop leaving me and Buizel sad and frustrated. To make matters worse we picked up someone in the last town a girl named Mai who is going to the same gym, as her older brother is the gym leader, having her along has stopped the kissing as well I'm afraid that if we don't get some time to our selves we may end up falling apart. Ever since the girl tagged along Buizel refused to enter his poke-ball, i guess he was afraid something might happen.

I reassured him by telling him that. Understanding i put his ball away and looked up to see where Mai was noticing that she was out of sight i leaned in and kissed Buizel. He became blind with passion as we continued to kiss just managing to stop as Mai came back from behind the trees ahead,.

As she turned around Buizel frowned in anger and went to throw the flask at Mai. I quickly grabbed it from his hand and attached it to my bag, smiling i shook my head casually,. We stayed quiet after that until we reached the top of the hill which had a Pokemon centre overlooking the city. Me and Buizel looked at each other and smiled cheekily as we turned to face Mai.

She turned around and asked me. Buizel stood back as i pointedmy poke-ball and said. Me and Mia then sat in the waiting area where we talked for a while she told me about how she felt trapped at home while her brothers were gone,i asked. So i want to wait with Ryan at the gym and ask my brother if i can join him on his research and train me to be a researcher",. After about ten minutes Nurse Joy called me over and handed me my Pokemon. Picking up the poke-balls and putting the others away i aimed Buizels ball to the ground and released him.

As he appeared he looked around the room, then seeing me came rushing over and licked me on the cheek knowing this looked suspichious i said aloud. Nurse Joy said laughing. Me and Buizel looked at each other then to Nurse Joy and back again we smiled and declined her offer. Mia looked at me and buizel smiling at each other but said nothing. She shrugged her shoulders and as she left the centre she waved good bye.

We waved back but were to preoccupied with the chance that fell in our lap to look away. Nurse Joy looked to me and said. Nearly snatching the key from her hand me and Buizel dashed to the door him still on the desk at the time nearly knocked everything flying. We darted through the door Nurse Joy wished us a good night. We barely made it to the door before we'd began to kiss. Stepping into the room i threw my bag onto the small table in the corner, i kicked the door closed with my foot and still kissing him locked it.

Remembering i had already removed my jacket in the lobby while talking to Mai and put it in my bag u went back tokissing Buizel. We started to rub our hands all over each other as we kissed again and again only stopping briefly for air. Placing my hands on his backside i lifted him up as he wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck we shut our eyes as the flames of passion between us joined to make one towering inferno. I carried him to the far wall and resting his back against it we continued to kiss as his tongue began to slip its way further into my mouth.

We stopped a second while it told him that. Both of our penis where already peaking before we entered the room but know we were fully erect stabbing each other as his biting continued sending bursts of exticy. We stopped for a minute while we caught our breathe and stared into each others eyes that spark between us was back.

We fell into each others arms and hugged passionately. He climbed down from me and still looking into my eyes released a stare of fiery passion as i smiled and nodded my head. He grabbed me by the shoulder and pushed me to the bed and grinning happily he lunged on top of me. Our erections pressed against one another he looked deep into my eyes grabbing hold of my t shirt and he began to tare it in half i smiled as i leaned up and kissed him passionately.

I sat up and removed what was left of the t shirt and tossed it to the floor. I then laid my head back and opened my mouth with the joy that now filled me as he licked lower and lower the fiery passion inside started to boil me and i began to heat and sweat. As he passed my belly button he reached up and with his small claws tore at my shoulders and down my arms the pain was immense and made me cry out in ppainfull lust, he looked up as to apologise i smiled at him and said.

As soon as my pants hit the floor his mouth was around my penis and he began slowly sucking. The feeling was amazing i thought i was going to burst, he dug his claws into my thigh's as he moved faster and faster my passion grew and grew, as i began to scream in joy. I covered my mouth with my hands to stop from crying out as my body was engulfed with flaming extacy. I couldn't hold any more as he broke the skin of my thighs with his claws i filled his mouth with my juices.

As he swallowed what was in his mouth and wiped the rest leaking down his face i nearly choked myself to stop from screaming. I fell back nearly passing out from stimulation and exhaustion while he licked the holes he made with his claws. I laid there as he licked the tip of my still leaking penis and once he was finished he sat up and smiled. I looked at him as he licked his lips then told him,. He smiled at me as i continued to kiss him he then positioned himself as i spread my legs and lifted my knee's. He looked deep into my eyes as he gently pressed his penis against my anus.

Feeling it touch i braced myself as i took hold of his paws. I nodded my head looking up at him and then laying back i closed my eyes, He slowly pushed his penis inside me getting deeper and deeper i couldn't help from screaming as i squeezed his paws tightly he then let go and placed his paws over over my mouth to help keep me quiet but it didn't help as he pushed the last of his penis in i screamed out loud in both ecstasy and pain.

Resting for a moment his penis sat deep in my anus causing me to breathe heavily Buizel looked into my eyes as i nooded, smiling he began to thrust. He leaned over and moving his paws kissed me as my hands grasped the sheets either side of me. The kissing kept me quiet as well as pleasured me more and as he slid his penis half way out and then back in i again became erect. He pulled back and looked down as he stabbed the muscle walls deep in my anus, smiling he reached down and started to stroke me.

Having him both in my anus and stroking my penis i felt immortal with sexual lust and ecstasy. We both started to breathe deeply as he pushed harder and faster speeding up with both his penis and his paws our bodies over heated. I continued to sweat as did he his fur glistening in the moon light shining from the window. Removing my hand from the sheets i pulled him close and began passionately kissing him.

Just then Buizel pulled back and facing the ceiling screamed in ecstasy as he filled my anus with his warm juices. Seconds later i to released. Finishing he collapsed on top of me and still inside me we kissed again and again. He pulled out of me and as he did his juices slowly leaked from me. A weird warm sensation rushed through the insides out my anus and onto the bed.

We rested there for a minute still unaware that someone watched from the window. As we got up we unlocked the door and snuck out the room and into the bathroom opposite. We climbed into the shower together and slowly rubbed each other down and gently groaped each othe, and continued even though we were clean.

We kissed under the spray of the water as our bodies consumed the heat of the water. We climbed out and as i dried off he shook himself and all his fur stuck up making him look really sexy. Silently laughing he smiled and blushed covering his face hith his paws. I lifted his chin and whispered to him. After i dried him down we snuck back into the room closing the door we climbed into the other bed and covered up snuggled together. We faced each other and again i told him.

Love and Lust A Pokemon Erotic Story, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

Once we finished kissing we climbed out of bed. We looked around the room at the mess we had caused the other bed was stained and in shambles, my t shirt was in pieces and scattered around the floor and my trousers were hanging from the ceiling fan we looked at each other and smiled. After i got my trousers down from the fan i put them on and began to tidy up. Throwing my t shirt or what was left of it in the bin Buizel used his tails to clean up the water stains in the bathroom. Looking through the doors at him my heart began to race then shaking my head i went back to tidying.

Once the room was clean i pulled out the spare t shirt from my bag and put it on slowly pulling it over my scratched sore arms then i put on my jacket as the t shirt didn't cover the scratches. Buizel entered the room and handed me my towel that i left in the bathroom as our hands touched. He blushed and bowed his head slightly i turned to him and said. As our lips met Nurse Joy walked into the room. With a look of shock on her face she turned around and closed the door we stopped and listened as she walked down the stairs.

We looked at each other now both blushing I said out loud. I put my shoes on which were still under the bed and we approached the door but as we did it opened and Mai stepped through. Stroking him on his head i told him in a calming voice. Nurse Joy unable to breathe sat down on the opposite bed and Mai sat beside her. As Buizel sat up next to me he put his arm around me and rested his head on my shoulder then gently kissed my neck. Laughing i gently nudged him to stop which he did, then curling up he placed his head on my lap and closed his eyes now assured i was not going anywhere.

Nurse Joy confused asked how this had happened Mai leaned in and asked the same so starting from the beginning i told them the whole story how id fallen in the lake trying to stop Buizel leaving that he had saved my life and became shy how i became curious why then leaning in and kissing me how id kissed him back and continued to tell them about the cabin and the training and the sleeping together.

When the story was over they leaned back and both said at the same time,. Nurse Joy turned to Mai and asked her to leave. Once she left the room Nurse Joy closed the door,. Buizel started to cry as his mouth opened i pulled him in close and held him to my heart. Buizel nudged me and went into my bag pulling out my badge case, he handed me it and then turned away a tear rolled down his cheek. She stood up and picking up the pieces left the room saying she will remove me from the Master league registration list.

We reached the island after getting a lift from a fisherman and the second i got on the beach i released all my Pokemon and told them what happened. Buizel showed Mai her office knowing what id given up for him he didn't mind having her around. Three weeks went by and the station was up and running, we had started to rebuilt the centre, getting rid of the old furniture except for the chair in front of the fire that only me and Buizel could sit in we also built 2 extra bedrooms one for Quilava and the other for Bayleef and where building more.

Mai as well as being happy with migrating birds she worked in the office that Buizels picture was in. Turned out the forest had hundreds of Pokemon she would never be happier. The picture its in a glass case on the top shelf behind the desk next to our picture and on the shelve below that in cubed glass cases are the poke-balls with golden name tags in front of the cubes.

Now as for me and Buizels personal life we have never been happier as Mai can agree having to get sound proofing for her walls. We built an office in the front room so on one side the room had the fireplace and the chair the other was a desk like the one at the Pokemon centre. We had finally become an official ranger station the night before last when officer jenny came by with the ranger council and gave us certification and a uniform, which i don't wear much.

Today the day was going by very slowly and all the Pokemon where doing their jobs, Mai was off on the beach and i was teaching buizel a few things about working behind the desk. I had just finished hanging up a new sign and i was starting to feel tired as the night before we didn't sleep much. Quilava entered through the small beaded arch next to the front door he pulled on the rope at the side of the arch and the front door flew open revealing a man in old messy clothes looking like a fisherman.

Buizel stopped sorting the paper work and stood up straight as the man entered the station quilava pulling on the second string closed the door behind the man then left back through the arch and outside. The man approached the desk curiously reading the sign on the wall behind buizel next to the cabinet, if no one around talk to buizel, he rubbed his head and reaching the desk confused asked buizel,. The man following the direction of his paw looked over at the chair trying to see if anyone was there, as he did buizel jumped down off the stool and walked over towards the chair.

The man stayed put by the desk but looked on curios to see who will step out from behind the chair. The man looked on in amazement as buizel correctly stacked the paper work. Trying not to reveal my joy to the man i carefully knocked off a pencil and told him. I pulled him close and a few seconds later lent in and kissed him. He pulled away and kneeling he pulled down my trousers just enough to reveal my now half erect penis and began to suck.

He too became erect as his tails moved from side to side. I fell against the desk and leaning against it i closed my eyes and began to breathe deeply. Buizel stopped moving and slowly pulled away leaving a small droplet of saliva on the tip of my penis connecting to him on the bottom of his lip. He wiped his paw across his lip removing the saliva then leaned down and sexually closing his eyes licked the saliva from my penis then looked up opening his eyes he smiled.

Smiling back and still breathing heavily i put my penis away and looked around to see if anyone was here. Noticing there wasn't i turned to buizel and giving him a cheeky grin i pulled him towards me and closing my eyes slipped my tongue down his throat. He passionately kissed me back while placing his left paw on my butt cheek squeezing gently and his right on my shoulder. He started to tip backwards and pulling me with him still kissing we fell to the floor him landing on his back his tails fanning outward and me landing half on top and to the left.

We began caressing each other him rubbing his paws under my t shirt and me rubbing his soft voluptuous fur. He gently placed his paws either side of me and gently still kissing rolled me over so that he was on top and i was on the bottom. He pulled away smiling and reaching down grabbed the bottom of my t shirt and lifted it over my head revealing my now naked chest. He softly started to kiss my naked body placing his paws on both my shoulders. I laid down flat my head pressed against the floor and turned to the side i closed my eyes and began breathing heavily in excitement from his lips pressing against my skin.

He then moved up to my neck still kissing as he did. Reaching my neck he went from kissing to licking and slowly moved down the centre of my body passing my belly button and stopping at the waist line of my trousers.

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He lifted his head for a second then looking down he grasped them at the sides with his paws pulling them down past my knees leaving my underwear on as my erect penis showed as a bulge. He them began kissing the bulge releasing a rush of excitement through my body i placed one hand next to my head closing my hand into a fist shape and the other i placed beside me also creating a fist. He went from kissing to licking and then from licking to biting a small wet patch appeared on the outside of my underwear revealing the bulging penis underneath.

He placed his teeth at the waist bend around the top of my underwear and pulled them down towards my trousers causing my erection to stand firm in the air. I looked down at him and smiling nodded my head and then laid my head back where it was. He moved into position at the base of my penis and protruding his tongue from his mouth licked the shaft of my penis starting at the bottom and ending at the very tip. Reaching the top he opened his mouth just enough so that the tip of my penis slid in and licking with his tongue he began to slip it in further grazing the shaft with his teeth releasing both pleasure and stimulating pain.

He kept going until it was all in and then slowly began moving up and down. I started to heat up and sweat as he got faster and faster. Sexual lust started to fill my body and i started breathing out loud. I was getting close to finishing but unknown to me from pleasure buizels hand had become loose and the sound of me breathing was enough to be heard by quilava's sensitive ears. I started to reaching climax but was unaware that quilava had re-entered the room and began to approach the desk. With curiosity he sprung up from the floor and landed on top of the desk and looking down became shocked at the site of buizel moving up and down between my legs while covering my mouth with his paw and my eyes closed heavily breathing in joy.

Quilava continued to watch as i screamed releasing my sexual juices into buizels mouth. Forbidden Fruit is define as something that is desired, that all the more because it is not allowed. When the forbidden fruit's essences seep into your life, full of toxic nectar and stings your taste bud, all the more wanted more that is not yours. Loving everything about the… Read More. Featured Review by Devin Shane "Interesting.

One straight, one lesbian. Where will their connection take them? From the Moist Series we bring the long awaited sequel from the hit book Dare. We bring you Dare 2.

Taxi ride to heaven

It will leave you wet and wanting more. A man named Michael Find his true love Echo and they have a happy relationship together. This story is very sexual and graphic so do not read if you are a young person, this is based off a a somewhat real situation. Pleasures in the Night. A gay male paranormal erotic romance parody where the main character is almost self aware, but not quite.

Oz Trich leads a troubling life as both an oracle for the goddess Felicia and as a paranormal crimes detective. You'd think being an oracle would help solve crimes, but the… Read More. Maia's an 18 year old in NYC. A natural detective, she's got a reputation for being the best illegal PI in the city, willing to do whatever she needs to get paid, no matter what the law is.

Follow her on a journey through blackmail, sex and the occasional… Read More. Two hearts of fire. It's about the secrets we teens face and how we feel about our deepest secrets. Kathryn has needed a rest of mind from her troubled past, and where could she find better relaxation than a coastal trip with her best friend? They met by chance. They stayed for the meaning. A simple purchase becomes a very large complication.