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Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before We’re Born? | yoursoulsplan

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Please log in below or if you don't have an account, creating one is easy and only takes a few moments. Almost all of us have had past lives in which we came to believe things about ourselves that our souls know to be untrue. Two of the most common false beliefs are that we are worthless and that we are powerless. If you are someone who has one or both of these false beliefs within your consciousness, they will outpicture in the world around you, sometimes in the form of traumatic experiences like incest or rape.

The purpose of this outpicturing is not to punish you.


On the contrary, the purpose is to bring your false beliefs to the light of conscious awareness, where they may then be healed. This is a particularly difficult type of life plan, but within it is the potential for profound healing. We can, if we like, deny that the Earth is round, but that will not make it flat. It will still be round. For millennia humanity has learned through suffering. If we want to move beyond the learning-through-suffering paradigm, then we need to take a courageous, unflinching look at what lays within our consciousness.

Robert Schwartz is a counselor and certified hypnotherapist who helps people heal by understanding what they planned before they were born and why. For more information please visit Robert online at www. Hi Rob, Everything you write is smack on. If people understood how is so important. How the stage is already set they simply only be life and life through. The doing is already done. Simply be their beautiful, powerful, beloved children of God! The only doing that need be, is love. Yes, for now need to work but not be a slave.

Look at their work as an artistic flair and love it too. And have a deeper understanding of what really matters. Be able to forgive others more easily. If they knew how just be-ing who they are and so dearly loved by God. They do not have to earn what He gives already! Pure, no conditions, Love.

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If they knew how much they are Love too. That within is a powerful, loveing Being, of no conditions either! We come in where there is friction and bodies, yet can love their selves and each other. Be compassionate and supportive too. Did I mention Love? I can say this book brought me so much information in a time which was really needed. The seeker seeks and the door is open and when my door was open, it opened to your amazing book! I can not express enough gratitude for the information and the tremendous amount of work which must have been to create such knowledge.

I am constantly recommending it and now your latest book, too.

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  • I am a teacher of Metaphysics and a Psychic Medium, so for me to gain so much from such a book, says a lot about what the book shares and enlightens all. Many blessings for all your work and imagine a world where all read this book? No victims, no blame, progressing the soul…Heaven on Earth! Reblogged this on AngelicView. Thank you so much for what you do. That book follows me now and then when I go somewhere. I earlier in my life became interested of the so called paranormal, but soon found out that it is not so paranormal, no ghosts on the contrary, it is a part of us being a spiritual being.

    These thoughts have followed me since my teenage years, I am 50 now. So, again, thanks and good luck, we keep in touch. The motto of my blog: Thanks for checking out my blog. I experienced, in hypnosis, just what you write about; that we make a plan for our soul before we are born.

    At the time I was struggling with one of the life lessons, or challenges, that I set up for myself. Having it revealed to me during that session was more than helpful in how I now look at my life.

    Thank you for writing your books. They need to be required reading for everyone!

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    Since the Core Essences of the Extremely Different types of Souls or Components see above are Arose from Very Different Sources, Elements, or Creations, there is simply no way that a Soul which already carried an Imprint of its Core Essence from a previous lifetime s —would and could switch drastically to a totally opposite side of Essence in this lifetime. So if I chose some chronic illness to learn humility in life, and I have learned from it and am done with the lesson, can I now undo the illness, for it serves no further lesson, and I still have many years to live.

    What is your take on how this can be done? Thank you for your question. Once the lesson is learned, the experience either ends or comes back around in some form so that you can make sure you got the lesson. The Council can tell you what the lessons are and if you have mastered them. I get confused hearing this sort of reply also from reading the books on the topic where you mention talking to the Council of Elders in the present tense.

    Then what in the world means to speak to the elders and get a live reply, etc? Please visit the BLSR page here for more information: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.