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You will fall in love with this secluded island…a true paradise with white sandy beaches one for every day of the year , gingerbread architecture and hummingbirds.

Caribbean Dreams of Love

Then head to Montserrat, from here you can enjoy a fantastic view of the active Soufriere Hills volcano. You will be charmed by the local pottery, the great shops, the delicious Antiguan food and the friendliness of the local people. For those of you that like snorkelling, the sheltered bay on Bird Island is a must. Surrounded by a wall of coral reef, Antigua will inspire and excite you. If you are looking for something more exciting, visit Virgin Gorda, famous for its Baths and a collection of grottoes and rock pools to swim through.

Take a trip up to Sage Mountain for breathtaking views of the British and U.

A Taste of Paradise & Caribbean Dreams from Barbados, 14 February 2019 (14 nights)

Enjoy the natural skyline as nothing is taller than a coconut palm tree! This picturesque island is an enchanting blend of lush rainforests, banana plantations, green mountains, sandy beaches and amazing wildlife. The island of St Maarten is peacefully divided into the Dutch and French state.

Philipsburg, the Dutch capital, offers fantastic stores and boutiques as well as fine beers. Immerse yourself in the wonderful scenery of lush rainforests, eighteen century balconied white houses, unspoilt coastline and secluded cliffs and caves. You can relax on one of the many flawless beaches or explore the countryside. Highlights of the island include the octagonal Circus of the capital Basseterre, Brimstone Hill Fortress with its stunning views, Romney Manor with its fantastic shops, a Roman Catholic cathedral and a colourful fountain.

After sightseeing, why not enjoy an exciting horse ride along Frigate Bay Beach? Guadeloupe is a lively center of Creole culture, boasting a spirited blend of French and African influences. As well known for its sugar and rum as for its dive sites and resorts, the archipelago offers an interesting mix of modern cities, rural hamlets, rainforests and secluded beaches.

Bequia, called "the island of the clouds" by the Carib Indians, is the largest of the St. IThe plot was so weak, i kept waiting for some conflict, never happened! Nov 15, Boundless Book Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: Daisy and her daughter Lily are going on a Caribbean cruise when she starts to see a mysterious man.

She soon begins to have feelings for him. On the cruise her daughter and some other dinner mates come across a tale of Gentleman Jones, a known pirate who was murdered. Soon Daisy figures out that Peter, her mysterious man, and this pirate are one and the same and he is cursed to spend his years lonely in the Caribbean. Soon their love becomes his saving grace. I have read many books by Bess McBr Daisy and her daughter Lily are going on a Caribbean cruise when she starts to see a mysterious man. I have read many books by Bess McBride and this one, just like all the others, was a masterpiece.

It told a lovely and chilling love story. The characters are so real and colorful that it's hard not to love them all.

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The story as always was one that will be easy to remember. It was like I was reading a vacation. I could picture the peace and relaxation that would come from a cruise. It had folklore and history and a "ghost", so all around it was a book I really enjoyed to read. It was full of love and mystery and was written very well.

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Once again Bess wins my vote. I have truly grown to love her as an author. I await more from her and can't wait to read all she has to offer Mar 29, Desiree rated it did not like it. Well, that's several hours of my life that I will never get back. The summary sounded promising, a mother and daughter on a Caribbean cruise and there's this handsome ghost that only she can see.

Caribbean Dreams of Love by Bess McBride

I should have quit around page 25, but I kept thinking 'it'll get interesting'. I wanted to like it so badly but, urghhh! The main character is pathetic, the dialogue between her and her daughter seems unrealistic, just urghhhhh! If you like flat, cheesy, love stories with no depth - Awful, bloody awful!

If you like flat, cheesy, love stories with no depth - I suppose this is for you. Sep 21, Theresa OConnor rated it it was amazing. My favorite book by this author I have been reading a lot of books by this author lately through Kindle Unlimited.

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This book is by far my favorite! Her description of the Caribbean and the cruise the characters were on so detailed, I felt like I was there. The characters were all well developed and the storyline intriguing. I couldn't put it down!

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Feb 02, Mimi Barbour rated it it was amazing. Daisy and her daughter are on a cruise in the Caribbean and strange things begin to happen to Daisy from the very first day. She meets a stranger called Peter and connects with him almost spiritually. Thinking him a musician, she searches the appropriate lounges just to catch a glimpse of the man.

He has won a numer of importent international prizes and distinctions. Now available at Amazon. Modern travels enables us to visit so many different parts of the world, to take in places of great beauty and richness, and to meet people that make up such a colorful tapestry of human life. To us, it remains one of the most peaceful and unspoiled places on earth. It is the tranquility of the island that sets it apart. It is a place to escape to. It is our Caribbean Dream.