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An unexpected tremble ran through him and he flinched. Athena had not noticed as she had by then turned away from him. Jase stood staring at the woman who was to be his wife and the thought scared him. He did not know if he could ever show her how he felt. It was not the way he was raised. Jase shook his head from his thoughts and placed her garment in another pocket. Fifteen minutes had gone by and he only encountered four couples walking in the opposite direction.

Glancing up at the position of the moon he judged the time. Two more hours and her family will wonder where she has gone to. Just then a group of four men heavy in their drink walked towards him. They were all loud and stumbling. The men all staggered to a halt. Jase took a step closer and leaned into the man who he now wanted to punch. Jase coughed at the stench coming from him.

Are you on a weeklong binge? Give us back our lady wear. Jase began to see red. A thousand thoughts ran ramped through him and he wanted to start hitting until someone talked. He removed his coat. Began to roll his sleeves. The rest of you will die tonight.

They all stared at him.

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One idiot finally laughed. With visibly shaken expressions they looked to one another. Jase eyed each of them. The men shook their heads and Jase sent them on their way. He took a deep breath and then walked on. He hated her for making him feel this way. Three hundred paces ahead he spotted a bridge. As Jase drew closer to it he saw her dress draped over the side. His steady walk soon turned into a full on run. The pounding of his heartbeat pummeled in his ears.

Standing in the middle of the old wooden bridge he swung around every which way but did not see her. A surprising panic overwhelmed him. His words were meant with silence. What do I do? She has to be close by. Her arms moved back and forth on the surface of the water making small ripples that hid what his eyes longed to see. Walking slowly with heavy steps across the bridge and down to the shallow bank, he stopped. Athena ran her hand over the top of her head and down the length of her hair.

His jaw clench tight. Water dripped from her milky skin in the most alluring way. This is not so far gone as to have caused a scandal. A moment ago it was Athena. Both his fists squeezed shut as he tried to force the urge to turn around out of his mind. Get a grip on yourself she is just a woman. Athena was watching his posture.

She waited several minutes in quiet despair.

The not knowing has plagued her since she first began to fall for him. Either he really does not desire me or he is just-.

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Her silky tone reached him with potency. What the hell is wrong with me? I will not turn to you now. It is not the right time. Jase started up the bank. Jase froze in place. His mind was blank. His body was burning with a heat he had never felt before.

She asked the one question that he himself could not answer for him. Athena needed to know right now if it was her he did not care for or if it was instead, what she dreamed and prayed for. Why is it so important for me to stop everything I am feeling for her? The image of the way she gazes at him flashed in his mind and his heart leaped with cruel force. Standing with his hands on his hips, Jase gazed off across the lush fields. Athena watched him turn to her finally.

And even in the silver moonlight she could see his gaze had changed. It was greedy and lustful and everything she had always wanted it to be. Jase removed his coat. His hands found the buttons on his shirt and he slowly began working on them. I do fear you. I fear us and the uncontrollable happiness that your eyes promise every time I look at you.

Every utterance was like a song to her heart, a melody she never wanted to stop hearing. She was still and waiting for more. He freed another button. It honestly scares the shit out of me. She took in a breath to speak until she saw Jase rip open his shirt and toss it to the side. The magnificence of his chiseled chest stunned her. He torn off his boots and socks. The idea that once you find out whom I really am you will just start running and never look back.

And me, I will be left with such a deep seeded pain my world will never again feel the same. Like I was tonight. Oh how could I of been so foolish. Her naked skin glistened in the light. Full supple breasts welcomed him. Pale smooth skin beckoned for his hands to explore wherever they desired to. The most beautiful velvety pink secrets awaited his discovery.

He began to remove the remainder of his clothing. When we are together they torture me. So many times you titled your head to the right and I wanted nothing more than to kiss your neck. She stared at his long thick erection wondering how he would feel in her. Athena watched him draw closer. The ripples he made cascaded up her thighs splashing against her, stimulating further her already swollen and ready flesh. Jase stopped just inches from her.

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It would be the first time they had ever touched. The thought of never being able to taste your lips taunts me at night, Athena. From the moment we met I have not stopped thinking about you. I had no idea. Athena trembled from the sensation of him. With his palms up he walked his fingers into her cupped hands.

She glanced down into the water. Is this even real. Athena watched his fingertips leave her hands and trail up her arms. His touch was so tender yet powerful. Jase trace a slow line over her collarbones and then up the sides of her neck. Through a heavy lidded gaze he watched her. Feeling her quiver he knew everything she was feeling.

Athena held her breath as his kiss depended on her. With a sudden surge of what she could only think to be as passionate fever she reached for him in an impulsive need. Jase felt her hands on his biceps and then a squeeze as he moved his lips down towards the base of her neck. Her verbal expressions emanated out from every little stroke as his lips fondled her skin.

This was only pushing his desire to hear more. Show me you want this as much as I do. His erection was pressing against her belly. Jase skimmed over her beautiful light nipple with closed lips at first. Teasing her roguishly the way he had fantasized doing so many nights.

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She ran her hands into his hair. Wicked waves of pleasure washed over her when she felt him take her breast in finally. Light thrills of sensations trickled through her as he sucked gently. His other hand slid to her waist and he pulled Athena up towards him. He loved hearing the whimpering pleas escape her as he took both of her large breasts into his mouth.

Pulling with a passionate need Athena moaned loudly with delight. Her body burned under his touch. Every caress left a mark of lustful greed as he squeezed her body. His nearly cruel torture on her flesh grew dangerously teasing to the rest of her body. Words she wanted to say but could no longer form. Caught up in what he unleashed onto her, she was captivated by each stroke of his wick sinful toying. Jase released her now sodden flesh from his mouth.

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Opening her eyes she gazed up to meet his. Strong hands roused other places on her to attention. As he gripped her bottom and pulled her up she closed her eyes again. Fierce hunger started to shred what little control remained within him. Squeezing her bottom with long impassioned grasps he craved to taste her kiss but knew if he did right in that moment he would release from his length everything he fought to keep in. To feel her playful tongue tangling with his was his deepest desire. Jase slid his hands back to her waist and gently pulled her slightly off him.

Staring into her questioning eyes he softly ran his thumb over her lips. A Flash of shameless yearning washed over her gaze and he watched her lips part open taking his thumb in her hot moist mouth and closed the distance again between them. Warm desire seeped out of him between the bodies as small dribbles of what he was trying to hold back seeped forth making contact with her belly. Athena could feel a throbbing pulsation on her skin. She watched his eyes close for a moment. He removed his thumb and skimmed it over her stomach. Bringing his thumb back in front of her lips he gazed at his juices glistening across her lips as he trailed it over them like lip balm.

Athena slowly licked her lips as she nearly fell into an aroused spell. A warm wet sensation trickled down her thighs and she wanted him. Jase slipped his thumb in and Athena sucked on it sensually. Her eyes closed from the caress on her lower inner thigh. Fingertips trailed up in a slow unsteady line as he kneaded her skin roughly. Did I ever tell you that you sound very sexy on the phone? What do you have planned? Where did she get this stuff? He knew that his imagination and libido was in overdrive, but he had finally met his match and OMG!

Was it ever fun! Just talking to you has given me a raging hard on and it is getting damn uncomfortable! Everything will be ready by six. Damn how am I going to get through the rest of the afternoon knowing she has cooked up an another wild fantasy for my pleasure. He shifted in the chair to relieve the pressure on his hardened cock and tried to get back to work. The house smelled incredible!