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Love the real quinoa in there! I'm super excited to try this cake, I bet it tastes just as amazing as it looks! It really is amazing. I have had to make this for several friends to validate my feelings towards this cake because I often eat strange things-- but this is all around amazing! I'm a huge fan of quinoa but still haven't tried baking with this. This cake looks so rich and indulgent! The frosting is amazing. So is the cake. These are my favorite recipes in a while! Thanks for the pin. This looks absolutely delicious - moist and flavorful! Thanks for those tips at the end I've never seen quinoa in cake.

This looks absolutely delicious! Yes, this cakes stays really most because of the whole dates in it! We are loving it. I'm going to have to try to find a good recipe for those-- do you recommend one?

And thanks for the sweet comment about my photos. I've been working hard to make them better and make the food look more appealing: Now we can get out sweets and protein in one dish. Seriously, these look so moist and yummy and it's a really great way to get the kids to ingest extra protein!

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I love making treats like this for my family. I took this cake into my husband's office, and they couldn't believe I was letting my 19 month old have chocolate cake-- but the main ingredients are quinoa, sweet potatoes, and dates! So I am more than okay with it. He also thinks "ice cream" is frozen processed bananas, and I will keep it that way for as long as possible. Never tried Quinoa cake I actually got the idea from Starbucks, of all places! Here in Asia they are making gluten free brownies out of whole quinoa and I thought it was a great idea. Who knew this was a thing! That is really awesome!

Michelle, you are just awesome. I am new here, cheers from Brazil: Quinoa and cocoa, that's just brilliant. I've read all the comments about the cake, and I am wondering why no one is talking about that beautiful topping. Have you posted this recipe before? We don't have arrowrot in Brazil I guess Can I replace it with green banana biomass? Wow, we don't have green banana biomass -- so I am not sure. Arrowroot is the same thing essentially as tapioca. If you can't get tapioca, you can try glutinous rice flour sweet rice flour.

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And if none of those are options, corn starch! The frosting on here is amazing-- we have it in our fridge all the time now, because my husband likes to top his yogurt with it: Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you found my blog! Is Arrowroot the same as tapioca?! Tapioca is a brazilian thing, now it is very common among Gluten free diets but it is not healthy at all, it is as refined as sugar, it has no vitamins, minerals or anything else.

Tapioca is only a high glycemic index carbohydrate.

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You definitely need to know the green banana biomass, it's going to change your life and it's not a joke. I've found some websites in English explaining what it is and how to do it, it's very simple, cheap and can be used to replace any flour. Here's a link https: Arrowroot is sometimes used in Tapioca, and tapioca is a blend of different roots of the same type. It's actually not as processed as it seems! I stayed away from it for a long time because of its appearance, but then I kept coming across information about it and realized it's actually very good as far as starches go.

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The "processing" is minimal and natural, and the result has a lot of vitamins and minerals, and is even high in protein for a starch. Is it as healthy as the quinoa? But as a secondary ingredient, it's a great choice-- read about it in my Raspberry Pear Coffee Cake Post, or here. It's getting easier and easier to come across-- if you get Bob's Red Mill products where you live, you can probably find arrowroot. I will make a note to order some when I am back in the States in a month or so. I'd really love to find something like that to use in my baking-- high in resistant starches!

I saw you signed up for my mailing list-- great!

So you will see when I start experimenting with it! And yes-- the frosting recipe is posted! It's linked in this post, or search desserts and it's a pretty recent post. Request you to kindly let me if I can use aquafaba instead of eggs and if yes please share the quantity. Thank you so much. Wonderful to hear from you. I have never used aquafaba, so I really don't know.

Sunshine And Chocolate song meanings. Add your thoughts 5 Comments. General Comment The lyrics may not be the most idyllic but it creates an atomosphere of desperation and affection intertwined perfectly.


Plus it's got a great backbeat. Over all a song! No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment the song is great.


General Comment I think it's about a past love that no-one else can really live up to so now he tries to see her whenever he's out, because she meant so much to him and being with her was like sunshine and chocolate all at once - maybe she's the sunshine and chocolate all over him? General Comment i always thought this song was about sex. General Comment It is is subtlely but also not so subtley about sex.

Most of the album is suggestive enough! Just listen to the lyrics to this and get a grip.