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She stopped with eyes wide open and she woke up to what she was doing to herself. She was as shocked at what she was doing as she was that someone was calling her name. People walk around in a state of sleep. They do things like a robot on automatic pilot. After a while they look in the mirror and say "Oh my gosh, what happened? What does your life feel like? What factors are preventing you from getting out of that chair and into a different state of being?

The first thing you have to look at is, do you have control over your emotions or do they have control over you. Achieving the balance is the key. Even if you have no emotions, it means that you are way out of balance. How can you generate happiness? How do you remove the barriers to having a happier more balanced life? When you say, "I want to be happy", what does that mean? How can your world give you something unless you define it?

Think about all the things you wish to change about your life. How do you neutralize the bad things?

How can you draw in more of the positive "life force increasing" events and things into your life? How can I achieve peace of mind? Emotions flow, thoughts flow, your life flows. When we learn how to adjust the flow we can use what is a natural process to enhance our lives and the lives of many others.

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Stress puts a negative effect on our bodies. Once we learn how to eliminate stress at the source then we have more energy for our own health. There are many resources for stress management.

I am going to give you one for preemptive stress elimination. You can remove stress at its source by taking some action towards eliminating the factors that cause stress. Feed your body feed your head. Let's take an honest look at is what you are allowing to go into your head. If you eat bad food you will have a bad body. If you feed your head with bad images, bad words, and bad thoughts you will get a bad head. Would you like to know a little more about the power you have over your thoughts and body? Try this on for size. Here is an experiment. Close your eyes 2.

Visualize biting into a lemon. Remember the sour taste and texture. Count to 10 while thinking about the lemon. Is your mouth watering? Now think about this for a second. Is there really the bite of a lemon in your mouth? Did your body react though? Of course it did. Look at the command you have over your body just by thinking. What are the bad thoughts and images doing to you? In the Self Empowerment Guide, there are several easy to use techniques to counter the constant bombardment of thoughts and images that continue to give you dis-ease. Do you like the discomfort that these thoughts and situations give you?

Your thoughts can either help you or hurt you. You can learn to change your thoughts and change your life for the better. Would you like to align your life with the positive things just outside your current reach? Here is a reminder of things about you. You are an infinite being who decided came down to this place and this body to endure the hardships and enjoyable times.

Why did you do this? It is so you can evolve as a soul and by evolving as a soul, connected to all of the rest of us, we are all evolving. There are the things we evolve from and the things we don't evolve from. When we have examples of hardship around us it is our choice to decide what we do with them and how we grow from them.

An 11-Step Guide to Strengthening Self-Awareness and EQ in Your Hustle

It is also our choice to move those experiences away from us as well. Even when we complain about how hard things are, we are given an opportunity to evolve from them. There is always free will as well as choice even when we feel or have forgotten that we truly have it. There is even the choice to remember that you have free will. Take a look around you at the people around you. Who are your friends, confidants,your mentors and your students? Why are they here? They are here to assist you in your growth and evolution.

Deep inside they understand this and willingly participate in helping you create the situations you need for the maximum amount of growth that you can handle.

An Step Guide to Strengthening Self-Awareness and EQ in Your Hustle

Whether you chose to see this or not is very truly up to you. Not seeing or not believing a thing is there is your choice as well. All of us have been given the gift of free will. Making an effort to improving our lives and the lives of others is a wonderful choice to act upon. If you truly feel it is not worth the effort, how about doing it because you are going to help that little girl on the swing set?

What about that little boy playing in the sand box? How about the friend or family member who just needs a push in the right direction. That animal who is wondering where its next meal might come from. Empowering yourself and working on your evolution sends a rippling effect to all of us. You are worth it and so are we. We are all truly courageous individuals to take on this evolution on behalf of all of us. This is a beautiful thing. I wrote the above when my daughters asked me why we are here. With some effort we can find our own answers to these questions and start living self empowered lives.

In the Self Empowerment Guide we have a section dedicated to generating abundance.

We want you to learn how to attract money and abundance into your life. The author has taught how to attract abundance classes for over 15 years. In his abundance class he gives an offer if you do not double the money you invested in the class within a week he will refund double the cost of the class to you.

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To this date there have been no takers. When you understand that with a few changes it is easy to get abundance to flow to you. You ll learn tips and tricks for saving money, making money, and finding hidden money that can help jump-start your self-made dreams. So come, join the Self-Made movement. The revolution starts inside of you! Read more Read less.

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    There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Were those reasons things that were not in your control or were they reasons that could have been in your control? WHY is it disappointing to you? List the things you do completely alone. Are you finding you always need to do things with other people? Some ideas for fueling that connection are: Then commit to phasing as many of those things out of your life as you can. What are the boundaries you set when it comes to keeping your work life and personal life differentiated?

    WHY do you do what you do? How often do you set goals? How often do you check in on them? What goals do you want to accomplish within the next 30 days? For each goal, write at least 3 tasks to help you reach it and write a specific outcome you can measure. Hold yourself accountable or find someone who will. What negative thought patterns can you get rid of? In what ways is your EGO getting in the way of what your intuition is telling you?

    In what areas are you trying to control an outcome instead of embracing and being invested in the effort? How do you regulate yourself? What calms you down and balances you out? Write down 3 affirmations to help you bust through times of ego. Practice and all is coming. I will live out my purpose. What did you learn from your parent s about the meaning of success? How has this influenced you in where you are today?

    What have been key a-ha moments in your past that have shaped your work ethic? How many hours did you spend executing? How many hours did you spend socializing? How many hours did you spend that connect directly to your current goals?