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Opening up of the European rail markets, need for a European regulator to ensure that European directives are implemented uniformly and consistently. Liberalisation of the real estate market in Romania. Situation concerning Romanian medical personnel. Funding of poppy cultivation under the common agricultural policy. Seismic surveys in derogation of EU environmental legislation. Information on measures to curb youth unemployment. Tightening of rules on medical devices. Sound barriers alongside motorways in Poland.

No claims bonuses and the single market. EU-US framework agreement on data protection. Possible financial aid for the flooding in Tuscany and waiver to the Stability and Growth Pact. The Commission must protect purchasers of downloaded e-books. The Commission must investigate the Glaxo hexavalent vaccine. Gold trafficking between Turkey and Iran: NCA investigations into petrol price adjustment.

A European solution to the circumvention of national labour rights through the exploitation of the directive on the posting of workers. Cooperation with the United Nations on natural disasters. Decentralised innovation model for improving the efficiency of the European internal market. Contraband and counterfeit cigarettes. Animals suffering during transport between Bulgaria and Turkey.

Validity of the EU's position at the Doha climate talks. EU regulation and future reforms. Information on the transparency and role of special interest lobby groups. Recommendation from the Department of Health of the United Kingdom on using the hybrid system for the labelling of foods. Financial arrangements for resigning Commissioners.

Opening of a permanent EU delegation in Panama. The extremism phenomenon and the rise of violence within the European Union. Unfair Chinese competition in the photovoltaic sector. Protection of animals at the time of killing. State of progress of Commission investigation into the extension of the Belgian deposit guarantee scheme protecting ARCO group shares.

Dangerous substances in children's toys. Post Office being given potential monopoly over official identity photos. Utilisation of budget line European ICT standards and intellectual property rights — supplementary question. Commission TAC and quota proposal for Protecting victims of crime in Europe. State aid and tax relief for companies affected by the flood — relevant risks. Italian law and the Saluggia facility. Asbestos in railway ballast: Situation of women in Pakistan and the blasphemy laws. Cadmium telluride photovoltaic panels at a site of Community importance SCI: Pension system for European citizens in the Member States.

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Legalisation of female circumcision. Financing of social agriculture in Europe. Proposed reform of court fees in Spain and access to justice. Legal frameworks and differential treatment of foreclosures in Spain.

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Maintaining a balance between the use of fragrances in the manufacture of cosmetics and consumer health. Aid from the European Union following Sandy. Russia's Accession to the WTO and the examination of its consequences in terms of concentrations on energy-related matters. A communication policy for timber and forestry in Europe. Categorisation of steviol glycosides — restrictions in respect of essoblaten — wafer paper. Commission interference in Member State legal systems. Proposals for chairs and other furniture in educational institutions.

Bill seeking to reorganise Spain's regulators. Recoveries by OLAF reported in Schengen visa application procedure. Vice-President Kroes barred from visiting a penitentiary hospital in Baku. Hurricane Sandy and EU aid for the Cuban people. South Stream and EU antitrust and environmental obligations. Cooperation with India in the field of digital security. Operation of the German child and youth welfare office Jugendamt.

Fines resulting from discrepancies in vehicle registration documents. Tax abuse by large multinationals in Europe. Support for preschool care and education in Greece. Progress in online availability of public services in Greece for the benefit of citizens. Ban on night driving in Tyrol for Euro 5 heavy goods vehicles. Fish poaching off the coast of West Africa. Women on publicly listed companies' non-executive boards. Simplification of free circulation and equal access to medical-veterinary products used in aquaculture within the EU.

Legal assessment of US drone attacks. Avoidable carbon monoxide deaths and injuries continue unabated. Batteries Directive and changing batteries. European parking card for disabled people. Tax-free threshold for personal income in the Eurozone and EU Serious travel problems for primary and secondary school pupils in Greece.

Troika violation of collective bargaining and social dialogue. ILO findings on the appeal by the social partners regarding labour relation reforms in Greece. Violence against vaccination campaigns in Pakistan. Risk of closure of psychiatric units. Impact of unfinished road works in the Vale of Tempe. Incident on the Frecciarosa train in Italy. New flight time limitations for European pilots. This was due to a surge of people caused by extreme overcrowding and a lack of access control, which meant that hundreds of young people had entered the premises without a ticket and with dangerous objects such as flares.

According to reports by the Madrid City Council planning authorities, the pavilion breached safety regulations and, if it had have been private property, it would never have been granted an operating licence because it was dangerous. It is obvious that, in all of these tragic events, the rights of consumers were not respected and the authorities did not monitor compliance with the minimum safety and access standards. The safety of premises and buildings, including those aimed at delivering leisure and amusement services to consumers, is an important work area for the Commission, even if it remains largely a competence of national authorities.

More broadly, the Commission is currently working on the preparation of a comprehensive consultation of stakeholders and interested parties, which is expected to be launched during The consultation will be focused on safety of specific service sectors, including tourism accommodation and related services, outdoor leisure activities as well as amusement parks and fairgrounds.

It will be the framework to consult on possible policy options in the area of service safety, gaps in existing legislation as well as to collect input and suggestions on initiatives and best practices. A large body of evidence now exists to suggest that wind turbines do impact human health. Will the Commission consider that this Written Question constitutes the presentation of scientific evidence demonstrating a direct link between wind turbines and human health effects?

If not, would the Commission please elucidate how scientific evidence is to be presented? What steps will the Commission take to ensure that this new research is given full consideration? Will the Commission now prepare its own study into the adverse impacts of wind turbines on human health? In developing noise policy the Commission relies on literature published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as the report in question. The weight of evidence is clearly increased where results from one study are confirmed by other research groups, as demonstrated by systematic review of the literature by a competent body such as the World Health Organisation WHO.

In the context of the forthcoming review of the Environmental Noise Directive, the Commission intends to liaise with the WHO on the examination of scientific evidence supporting the definition of dose effect curves related to wind farm noise. Bovine tuberculosis bTB is a serious problem for the dairy and beef industries in the United Kingdom. Since the first bTB-infected badger was discovered in the early s, badgers have been blamed by some for the continued spread of bTB in cattle, and various efforts have been made to reduce or eliminate badger populations from bTB-affected areas, with little if any discernible impact on the spread of the disease.

This policy has been criticised by many as not being based on the available science. In order to prevent the widespread and unnecessary killing of many tens of thousands of badgers, it is imperative that the UK Government be dissuaded from its current policy and given every encouragement and assistance with a view to finding alternative solutions to the problem of bTB in cattle. To this end, we would like to ask:. If a candidate vaccine were to be developed that would show sufficient protection and no interference with diagnostic tests, to be able to use such a vaccine in practice, EU and international rules will first need to be amended.

All medicines are authorised by the national competent authorities or the European Commission. For certain medicinal products the company may ask the authorisation by the Commission after a scientific assessment performed by the European Medicines Agency EMA and provided a Union interest in such a product can be demonstrated. The Commission will propose a review of these rules in The evolution of milk production after quota abolition depends on various factors: The expiry of the milk quota regime is projected to have a limited impact on milk deliveries at the aggregate EU level.

In addition, the Commission has launched this summer a call for tender to obtain a prospective analysis on the most likely evolution of the sector based on the viewpoints of a number of independent experts in the future context without quotas. The study, which is expected to be finalised by the summer , will address the following two themes in particular:.

Does the Commission have any plans to change the regulations applying to schools to allow children access to such kits? Any regulations applying to schools to allow children access to asthma kits fall under the responsibility of Member States. Currently there are around 3. What measures is the European Union taking to highlight the need for better autism services for citizens in the Member States? The Commission is aware of the importance and social impact of Autism Spectrum Disorders and has been undertaking actions for better identification, early detection and information to the public and professionals about this group of disorders.

As a part of this, the Commission supports civil society organisations representing people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. Moreover, on request of the European Parliament, the Commission manages four pilot projects on employment of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders that aim to help develop policies for employment and social integration of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders. These projects will present their results shortly. The project European Autism Information System EAIS , which ended in , helped to provide systematic, consistent and reliable data on Autism Spectrum Disorders prevalence, economic burden and harmonised early-detection tools.

In addition, the project for a European network of surveillance on risk factors for autism and cerebral palsy project aimed at facilitated early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders in children, improving the prognosis and quality of life for children and families. What, if any, restrictions can be placed, at EU or Member State level, on pork from pigs whose production does not comply with this legislation? To date, five Member States confirm that they already fully comply with group housing of sows. To provide further indications on the state of compliance of particular Member States would at this time not be reliable because the situation is still in progress.

Concerning market restrictions there are no EU mandatory marketing standards regarding farming systems for pig meat. Such actions can include the restriction or prohibition of the placing on the market of food or animals produced under non-compliant animal welfare conditions on farms for which they have statutory control possibilities. The Commission will not hesitate to initiate infringement proceedings against those Member States which will not be in compliance after the legal deadline. The United Kingdom is fully compliant with these new rules, at a major cost to local producers.

Can the Commission outline what progress has been made since this letter was issued? Can it also state what, if any, infringement proceedings have been brought for non-compliance, and, if so, against which Member States? Additionally, which Member States have made the most progress in this type of healthcare programme? It outlines the vision for eHealth in Europe and consolidates actions to deliver the opportunities that eHealth can offer. Under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, the Commission funded the pilot project epSOS to develop EU interoperable architecture for the provision of summarised patient health record and electronic prescription services.

The Commission does not assess the performance of Member States' healthcare systems. Their proposals are currently being evaluated to determine which ones demonstrate good practices of innovation in care delivery and to highlight transfer opportunities of such practices to other regions in Europe. Northern Ireland is presently experiencing the most severe outbreak of Escherichia coli E. Over 90 cases of E.

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Given that there is no specific medical treatment for E. How many confirmed cases of E. Can the Commission provide a breakdown by Member State of these cases? With reference to confirmed cases of E. It provides for the primary responsibility of the food business operator for the safety of food. The operators must, at all stages of production, processing and distribution, ensure that food is protected against any contamination. A criterion for process hygiene in the slaughterhouse foresees sampling for E. Among these 4 cases, ten Member States reported a total of 27 food-borne outbreaks all together human cases with a strong link to a particular food vehicle.

Foods of bovine and ovine origin are frequently reported as source.

Further breakdowns and details can be seen in the referred report. A major outbreak of verotoxigenic E. What is the current state of play in relation to the ongoing negotiations on an EU-Azerbaijan Association Agreement? Almost half a million households in Northern Ireland use oil to heat their homes. Can the Commission state how UK home heating oil prices, and specifically those in Northern Ireland, compare with prices across the EU? Furthermore, can the Commission provide a detailed assessment of this drastic price rise, with particular reference to the rise in price to the consumer compared to the changing price of crude oil over the same period?

Please note that the Commission does not have access to the specific data for Northern Ireland; therefore UK average is used as a proxy. The final consumer price of heating oil in the UK rose by It is clear from various media reports that the human rights crisis in Azerbaijan is escalating, with serious problems in relation to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the media. What role is the Commission playing in raising these issues with the Azerbaijani authorities, and what impact do these violations have on the possibility of an association agreement?

The Commission and the High Representative are fully aware of the situation of human rights in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani authorities should be up to their own commitments. The EU will continue to monitor the situation closely, taking account of the views of civil society, and will try to constructively engage with Azerbaijan to improve its human rights record. Does the Commission have any plans to initiate the formation of an independent investigation team to oversee the investigation of forced organ harvesting practices in China? The Commission shares the Honourable Member's concern regarding organs harvested from Chinese citizens.

Therefore the Commission welcomes the recent announcement by the Chinese Government that the practice will be stopped and genuine voluntary organ donations will be encouraged. However, the regulation does not adequately address the issue of donor consent, especially for those who have died in custody or have been executed. While the Commission does not have any plans to initiate the formation of an independent investigation team to oversee the investigation of forced organ harvesting practices in China, this point has already been addressed in the framework of past rounds of the EU-China Human Rights Dialogue and will continue to do so.

In recent weeks, there have been several tragic fatalities in house fires in my constituency of Northern Ireland, and in the United Kingdom more generally. The Commission is making considerable efforts to develop a comprehensive tobacco control policy. This policy includes public health campaigns most recently. All these measures indirectly contribute to preventing house fires.

Furthermore the Council Recommendation on smoke free environments invites Member States to prohibit smoking in public places. Member States are monitoring fires and the circumstances of their outbreak to a varying degree of detail. Fire statistics are thus of different quality and, due to additional factors such as the installation of smoke alarms, it is difficult, if not impossible, to identify prevalent trends or make additional proposals for fire safety. The Commission is currently considering a broad consultation paper on consumer service safety which may include the issue of fire safety.

La prassi amministrativa e le forze dell'ordine spesso mostrano l'interferenza del governo nell'esercizio del diritto di FORB delle persone. La HR ha mai chiesto un'indagine sulla promozione e la protezione dei diritti delle minoranze religiose in Indonesia? Despite the fact that the Indonesian government has incorporated key human rights into its national constitution and has ratified — among other international agreements — the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the implementation of those rights remains very poor in Indonesia.

In particular, there seems to be a lack of political will on the part of local authorities to ensure the protection of religious minorities. According to local and international news reports, the right to freedom of religion or belief is at risk, with attacks being carried out both on members of religious minority groups and on those who profess non-theistic or atheistic beliefs. Does the High Representative intend to call on the Indonesian government to put effective protection measures in place to enable religious minorities to have full access to their right to freedom of religion?

Does the High Representative feel that the European Union should take action to assist the Indonesian government to reverse the increasing incidence of violence and legal action against religious minorities in that country? The right to freedom of religious belief is guaranteed in Indonesia's constitution, and Indonesia has made considerable progress over the last decade in establishing a legal framework for protecting human rights. The EU will carry on addressing the issue of Freedom of Religion or Belief and encouraging interfaith dialogue, and should enhance its visibility by adopting new EU Guidelines on the issue in early Tagli al programma Erasmus e al fondo per la ricerca e l'innovazione Gli attuali problemi di bilancio che incontra Erasmus derivano dalla decisione del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio di votare un bilancio per il in cui l'importo degli stanziamenti di pagamento era sottofinanziato rispetto al livello degli impegni.

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In particolare, la Commissione ha chiesto altri milioni di euro per il programma di apprendimento permanente, importo che dovrebbe consentire di soddisfare le esigenze di pagamento fino alla fine dell'anno. Le reazioni sulla stampa di tutta Europa e anche del mondo parlano da sole: The funding cuts would damage the very foundations of the internationalisation policies of European universities and significantly reduce the chances of a better future for millions of young people. The Erasmus experience gives young people a chance to experience Europe at first hand.

Keeping this forward-looking programme alive means investing in the construction of a Europe of the people and a ruling class that is more sensitive to the concept of European unity. Whether it believes that steps can swiftly be taken to ensure that the requests already made can be fulfilled? What measures it intends to take to prevent this problem of financial cover reoccurring in subsequent budgets? The current budget problems for Erasmus stem from the decision of the European Parliament and the Council to vote a budget for in which the amount of payment credits was underfunded relative to the level of commitments.

This Draft Amending Budget can be found at http: Reactions in the press across Europe and even worldwide speak for themselves: This is why it is absolutely crucial to not interrupt national or EU funding to students. With the recent agreement by the Budgetary Authority on the Draft Amending Budget and the Draft budget , the immediate threat appears to have been averted. The Commission counts on the responsibility of the Member States and the European Parliament to continue to guarantee adequate funding and continuity in the implementation of the European programmes in the coming months and year.

Henceforth they will no longer be renewable automatically but must be awarded in a public tender procedure on expiry of each operating licence, as well as having an appropriate duration. The law was warmly welcomed by European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, who said that it improves legal certainly for property owners subject to the Coastal Law.

Does the Commission believe that it may set up a legal model specific to the situation in Italy, which provides a basis for flexible rules that are capable of safeguarding the seaside leisure and tourism industry that is essential to our economy, without resulting in infringement proceedings by the EU? For this purpose, in those cases authorisations need to be granted for a limited period of time, which shall be appropriate to enable the provider to recoup the cost of investment and to generate a fair return. The extension of concessions in the Spanish draft reform to which this question also refers for another seventy-five years does not concern authorisations granted to service providers who provide services from portable infrastructure in beaches, such as bars and kiosks.

For authorisations for the use of beaches for that purpose, the draft reform establishes a maximum length of four years. In light of this fact, the draft reform would not seem to raise concerns of incompatibility with the principles laid down in the Services Directive. The seventy-five year period mentioned in the question applies to concessions granted to owners for the use of their own property, which had been constructed in areas that now revert to the public maritime domain.

The draft reform seeks to ensure legal certainty for owners of buildings in view of the ambiguities found in the current legal framework for shoreline property in Spain.

La ragazza fuori ufficio

Global Recalls Portal, nuovo strumento per la tutela dei consumatori. Come intende la Commissione pubblicizzare l'esistenza di questo strumento all'interno degli Stati membri in modo da metterne a conoscenza i cittadini e stimolarli a usarlo? La Commissione, pur incoraggiando gli Stati membri a tenere conto, in sede di elaborazione delle politiche e di pianificazione della vigilanza del mercato, delle maggiori informazioni rese ora disponibili dal Global Recalls Portal, non ha previsto campagne specifiche di promozione a livello nazionale.

Le informazioni relative al portale figurano nel sito web Europa e nell'account Twitter dell'UE dedicato alla sicurezza dei consumatori. A simple search performed by inputting keywords such as product name, brand or manufacturer, produces a data sheet containing a product description, identification images, issues encountered and countries in which the recalls were made. This should help inform and guide customers in their purchases, improve confidence in the market and give buyers greater confidence when purchasing a product.

How does the Commission intend to promote the existence of this tool within Member States, so that citizens become aware of it and start using it? The Global Recalls Portal is a new tool which, if used properly, will provide greater protection for our citizens. Since the greatest danger to the market and to consumers comes from counterfeit goods, mainly from China, which continually slip through the net, what does the Commission intend to do to strengthen customs checks? The Commission encourages Member States to take into account in policy and market surveillance planning the wider information set now available through the GlobalRecalls portal, but there are no specific promotion campaigns at national level planned by Commission.

The OECD is also considering a mobile application to facilitate access to the portal. The Commission supports the OECD project including the aim of improving translation and search capabilities. The Commission looks forward to seeing more historical data added from those jurisdictions which are participating already and to gathering data from additional jurisdictions.

The Commission, together with Member States, developed guidelines for customs authorities to carry out import controls on product safety and compliance. In order to reinforce the effectiveness of these controls a number of actions are developed, including visits to Member States, common criteria for risk analysis, and collection of data on dangerous or non-compliant goods stopped by customs at the border.

Products for daily use by consumers and that may be affecting health and safety accounted for Macellazione rituale in deroga alla normativa vigente. La normativa attualmente vigente sulla macellazione, aggiornata dal regolamento CE n. La Commissione conferma che la legislazione dell'UE non consente il ricorso a deroghe allo stordimento degli animali destinati alla macellazione rituale al di fuori dei macelli.

The animal bleeds to death from a cut to the throat and is not stunned beforehand. Can the Commission confirm whether it is aware of similar events in other Member States and can it estimate how widespread this practice might be, which is in breach of current legislation? Does the Commission believe it is still right to maintain this exemption for ritual slaughter, given that, despite being included to give the Muslim community the opportunity to carry out its own rituals whilst observing current legislation, it is being breached increasingly often?

The Commission confirms that EU legislation does not allow the use of the derogation from stunning animals for ritual slaughter outside slaughterhouses. The Commission is not aware of the specific event reported but has been occasionally informed in the past that similar events in other Member States occurred. Negli ultimi mesi alcuni Stati membri, tra i quali Irlanda, Portogallo e Grecia, hanno chiesto ed ottenuto dall'Europa aiuti finanziari.

Dunque anche se ricapitalizzate, le banche non prestano denaro. Quale vigilanza sulle banche? Alle banche italiane sono andati ben miliardi di euro: Una nota banca italiana, ad esempio, ha ricevuto complessivamente, nelle due tranche di operazioni LTRO, 29 miliardi di euro — 14 miliardi nella prima tranche e 15 nella seconda — in pronti contro termine a tre anni. Over the last few months, a number of Member States, including Ireland, Portugal and Greece, have requested and obtained financial aid from Europe. Cuts in spending on healthcare and education, increases in VAT, reductions in the size of the pension system, pay cuts, increased taxes on companies and families — these are just a few of the effects on the European citizens who have benefited from this financial aid.

So despite having been recapitalised, banks are not lending money. Can the Commission explain the causes of this disparity of treatment, in terms of interest rates, between private banks and Member States? Given that European companies are complaining about, among other things, the difficulty of gaining access to the money needed to remain in the market, does the Commission not believe that loans awarded to banks should also be tied to providing loans to private individuals and businesses in the country in which they operate?

Has the Commission thought of establishing a permanent observatory to monitor the destination of the loans and the rates set and to ensure that the loans provided are used for the purpose for which they were granted: In return, as a guarantee to the ECB, they provided bonds guaranteed by the State, meaning the taxpayer.

The aim of these operations was to pay off the losses made by the banks, relying on a future upturn in the European capital markets. It is disconcerting however that the banks have failed to use this money to finance companies. Differences in maturities and risks including collateral can explain the different interest rates. Liquidity operations conducted by central banks are part of their monetary policy, for which the Treaty grants them total independence. The Commission has no competence in imposing, or advising to impose, conditions on the destination of these liquidities.

The Commission monitors developments in the banking sector, including the effects of liquidity operations on credit conditions. In the memorandum of understanding on financial-sector policy conditionality of Spain there is an obligation to report, among others, on small and medium-sized enterprise SME lending, on corporate lending and on consumer lending. In addition, access to finance is one of the levers identified by the single market Act 2 and boosting long term investment is one of the key actions.

To this aim, the Commission will soon publish a Green paper on long term finance of the real economy, with particular attention to SMEs. Queste relazioni, di diversa natura e rilevanza, sono per la maggior parte disponibili su internet. Le relazioni stilate nel dalle delegazioni dell'UE nei rispettivi paesi che le ospitano riuniscono le informazioni raccolte dai funzionari dell'UE sul terreno, in particolate mediante contatti con le ONG locali.

The EU uses all open information at its disposal to assess the situation of freedom of religion or belief worldwide, whether it comes from civil society organisations, governmental or international bodies. Due attention is notably paid to the work conducted by the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief. Most of these reports of different nature and value are available on the Internet. Furthermore, the Human Rights Country Strategies, currently discussed among EU Member States, comprise a section dedicated to freedom of religion or belief.

Sostegno per la salvaguardia dei Cavallini della Giara.

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Le sue origini sono incerte, le teorie sono essenzialmente due: La sopravvivenza di questa specie pare essere a rischio per la concomitanza di eventi naturali e umani: On the Gesturi high plateau in south-central Sardinia, there lives an ancient breed of horses called the Giara. Their origins are unknown, but there are two theories: There are currently horses left, living in herds of approximately 10, and they are the only breed in Europe that still lives in the wild.

The survival of this breed appears to be at risk due to a combination of natural events and human behaviour. On the one hand, the exceptionally hot summer caused a terrible drought, resulting in a lack of food; on the other hand, forced coexistence with cows raised in the wild, often illegally, further diminishes the available food supply.

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  • The municipalities in the area, along with an association of volunteers, have undertaken to sustain and protect these horses as much as possible. Resolving the problem of cows raised in the wild has, however, stalled; in fact, last July a decree issued by the Region of Sardinia ordered the removal of cows from the plateau, but of an estimated heads, only 30 or so have been retrieved with no brand or microchip. Consequently, the Sites of Community Importance designated under this directive, as the site mentioned by the Honourable Member, do not appear to be the appropriate tool to provide specific protection or support for this species.

    The question is therefore a matter for the national authorities concerned. Olanda, Finlandia, Germania, Svezia e Gran Bretagna si oppongono alla proposta di bilancio rettificativo per il presentata dalla Commissione europea e riguardante l'esborso di milioni di euro per il terremoto in Emilia Romagna da parte del fondo d'emergenza sulle catastrofi naturali. A piedi nudi sulla terra Folco Terzani. My Big Book of Favourite Songs. Caius geht ein Licht auf Henry Winterfeld.

    L'ultima passione Antonio Forcellino. L'uomo dell'inganno Chris M. Il destino ha sempre l'ultima parola Mamen Sanchez. Il bacio della dionea Cinzia Tani. L'estate dei giochi spezzati Antonio Hill. Propositi matrimoniali Kavita Daswani.

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    • Nessuno, ecco; di conseguenza dormivo sempre oltre l'ora prevista stupidi pulsanti delle sveglie. Betsy si sveglia tardi per andare a lavoro e viene licenziata. La sera mentre cerca la sua gatta viene investita da un camion e muore. Si sveglia all'obitorio con un terribile abito rosa e delle scarpe economiche. Lei ha una vera ossessione per le scarpe molto costose e di marca: Decide di andare a riprendersele e va a casa del padre. Infrange la prima regola dei vampiri: Le sue azioni e le sue esclamazioni fanno spesso ridere ma a volte sono anche irritanti: Gli altri personaggi non sono molto caratterizzati, le loro storie e i loro caratteri sono appena accennati: Tutti si impegneranno per aiutare la Regina a sconfiggere il cattivo e a farle accettare il suo nuovo status.

      Il linguaggio e molto semplice, scorrevole, a volte un po' troppo volgare. Betsy wakes up late to go to work and is fired. In the evening while looking for her cat is hit by a truck and dies. He wakes up in the morgue with a terrible pink dress and cheap shoes. She has an obsession for shoes very expensive and brand: Turns out it was her stepmother to up like that and that she also stole all her shoes. Decides to take them back and goes to her father's house.

      Breaks the first rule of vampires ever be seen from loved ones But she slowly discovers she is not a vampire like the others, she is the Queen Betsy is a girl always cheerful , funny but very superficial with an obsession for shoes very expensive.