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Even if he just made it up. Edwy was twelve, like me—we were the oldest children in Fredtown. We were born on the same day. And we were the only ones who were moved to Fredtown on the very day of our birth, instead of waiting a day or two like everyone else. The Freds always said, They are adults. Adults have to take care of themselves. It is our job to take care of you. Surely their parents were still alive. He always got fierce when the only other choice was sounding sad. When I asked the Freds questions like that, they patted me on the head and told me I was too young to understand.

Or they talked about how life was made up of hard choices and, as our guardians, they had chosen what was best for all of us children.

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And what was best for civilization itself. The way the Freds talked was tricky.

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You had to wrap your mind around their words sometimes and turn them inside out to try to figure out what they were really saying. The way Edwy talked was tricky, too.

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I was twelve and Bobo was five; it was wrong for someone who was bigger and older and stronger to overpower someone smaller and younger and weaker. I was tempted to tickle him too, to try to bring back his glee and his ear-to-ear grin. But that would have required my asking him first, Is it all right if I tickle you? Why was it too dangerous before but safe now? So why did I feel like I was lying to Bobo now? Bank Street Best Books of the Year.

Children of Exile Trade Paperback Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! More books from this author: See more by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Product details Age Range: Children of Exile Book 2 Hardcover: Don't have a Kindle? Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 11 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Really interesting, well written appropriate book for kids, will be buying the next one as soon as it comes out!

One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I really enjoyed this book. It is Edwy's turn to take the spotlight. In book one readers got Rosi's perspective of events as the kids in Fredtown were returned to their real parents. In this one we follow Edwy around after he arrives to meet the parents he's never known. After less than a day of being back, Edwy is smuggled out of the town where his parents live and told he's being shipped off to boarding school with his two older siblings in the City of Refuge.

Edwy is blown away for a vast number of reasons, but chief among them is he knows nothing about this place that is now his home. He always balked against the Freds training of how to be a good person, but that was the only world he ever knew and this one is starkly different. Can Edwy figure out how to fit in in a strange world with stranger older siblings who aren't exactly welcoming him with open arms.

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And what will he do when he learns things about this place and the dangers he most likely left Rosi in? Haddix has built an interesting dystopian futuristic world here for kids with the main character suffering culture shock coming from a completely sheltered first twelve years of life plunged into a world that is recovering from a war and is still not stable.

Edwy has to decide what kind of person he wants to be and must wrestle with some moral dilemmas both light and deep. He's dumped into what could potentially be a tween's dream situation, left with two older siblings who will let you trash the house, stay up to all hours, and while away your time with games. But though Edwy pretends not to care, he is concerned with Rosi and he does have many burning questions about what lies beneath the surface in his family and world.

It continues to be a good series to stimulate a lot of thought and would make for a great book club book thanks to all the potential discussion points. I expected the series to wrap up with this book but there's quite a huge issue left hanging at the end of this book. There's gotta be at least another book. I got a couple of students hooked on Haddix's Shadow Children series last year and they've quickly spread their mania to others to the extent all of Haddix's books are now in high demand.

They will eagerly snatch this one up. Violence is threatened, war is mentioned, but on page just some people getting knocked out. Orchid The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia. A copy of this book was received for review consideration from the publisher.

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Review is originally from my blog The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia. After the surprise twist at the end of Children of Exile, I could not wait to read the next one.

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Lucky for me, I just so happened to have a copy that I was fortunate enough to receive for review consideration. It has taken me longer than planned to get my thoughts in order to discuss Children of Refuge. It was a great book, but one that requires some 'unpacking' to really delve into why it was such a fascinating book.

Bear with me as I try to explain, without spoiling it, why it left such an impact on me as a reader and why I think y'all should be interested in checking out the series as a whole p. First off, I really enjoyed that this book was told from Edwy's perspective as it gave the story a new angle to see things from. Even though Edwy and Rosi are quite different from one another, they have more in common then you think when it comes to their respective story lines. Not just in that they were the oldest in the Fred-Town that they were taken to as young children; but in that they both had different prejudices to work through to gain an understanding of the world that they were returned to and their what role they would choose to play in it.

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Now onto the aspects of the book that have caused me problems hence the delay on this post in putting this post together. There are many reasons that I thought it was interesting to include certain aspects of the the city of Refuge in the book; like how the citizens there went about insulated in a world of their own without really taking note of those around them I know I am not putting this well, but it spoke so much to our times and how everyone is so absorbed in their phones that there is no real communication anymore.

You know that feeling of everyone's only in it for themselves, I thought Margaret Peterson Haddix did an excellent job showing how that mentality is so destructive. It was done in a boldly yet subtle way.