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Faceless Killers Audiobook Henning Mankell

Fourth in the Kurt Wallander series. In the award-winning Sidetracked, Kurt Wallander is called to a nearby rapeseed field where a teenage girl has been loitering all day long. He arrives just in time to watch her douse herself in gasoline and set herself aflame. The next day he is called to a The murder has the obvious markings of a demented serial killer, and Wallander is frantic to find him before he strikes again.


Fascinating and astute, Sidetracked is a compelling mystery enhanced by keen social awareness. Crime-on-thrill rated it 4 years ago http: There was nothing wrong with the book; neither was there anything out of the world, or special about the book. It was just another Scandi crime thriller with some gore, Bettie's Books rated it 5 years ago http: AC rated it 6 years ago http: In the following years he collaborated with several theaters in Sweden.

In his youth Mankell was a left-wing political activist and a strong opponent of the Vietnam War, South African apartheid and Portugal's colonial war in Mozambique.

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Mankell took part in the party's activities but never himself joined the party. After living in Zambia and other African countries, Henning Mankell was invited to become the artistic director of Teatro Avenida in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. He now spends at least half the year in Maputo working with the theatre and writing.

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He is married to Eva Bergman, daughter of Ingmar Bergman. Mankell has said he's giving away half of his income to charity causes. Mankell developed two original stories for the German police series Tatort.

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Actor Axel Milberg, who portrays Inspector Klaus Borowski, had asked Mankell to contribute to the show as the two were promoting The Chinaman audio book, a project that Milberg had worked on. The episodes will be broadcast in Germany in Mankell is set to work on a screenplay for Sveriges Television about his father-in-law, the famous movie and theatre director Ingmar Bergman during and the series will be produced in four one-hour episodes.

Production is planned for During his stay in Norway, he got in contact with the Norwegian Workers' Communist Party and took an active part in their actions. In , Mankell was a guest at a Palestinian literary conference.


Thereafter, he claimed to have seen "repetition of the despicable Apartheid system that once treated Africans and coloured as second-class citizens in their own country". Considering the environment the Palestinian people live in, he continued, it is not astonishing that "some decide to become suicide bombers He claimed not to have encountered antisemitism during his journey, just "hatred against the occupants that is completely normal and understandable".

In , speaking about nationalism and Norway a country formerly forced into a Union with Sweden , he stated that "Nationalism is almost spiteful in nature. It can sometimes be glimpsed as something brown behind the waving Norwegian flags.

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  • Following the Israeli armed forces' boarding of the flotilla on the morning of 31 May , in which 9 flotilla members were killed, Mankell was deported to Sweden. He subsequently called for global sanctions against Israel.

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    He is currently considering halting the Hebrew translations of his books. In the novels, he solves shocking murders with his colleagues. The novels have an underlying question: