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The latter album was highly acclaimed in reviews, with Ned Raggett writing that the 'Mother Fist' album "embraces classic European cabaret to wonderful effect, more so than any American or English rock album since Bowie's Aladdin Sane or Lou Reed's Berlin. The track reached No. It also reached number one in Germany and was a major hit in countries around the world. This album was released in as Absinthe , and was initially recorded in the late s then finished in Paris in the early s. A further single from the album, "Waifs and Strays", was remixed by Dave Ball who was now in the electronic dance band The Grid.

The album reached the UK Top Later that year, Almond played a lavish one-off show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, which featured an orchestra and dancers as he performed material from his entire career. The show was recorded and released as the CD and video 12 Years of Tears.


Accompanied only by Martin Watkins on piano, he played small Soviet halls and theatres, often without amplification, and ended at the "mini Bolshoi" in Moscow. Transmitted live on television Almond made a plea for tolerance of gay people. The tour was fraught with troubles, which Almond detailed in his autobiography, but it marked the beginning of his love affair with the genre of Russian folk torch songs known as Romance. Almond also recorded a session for the album with John Cale, David Johanson, and Chris Spedding; some made the final cut. Other songs were produced by Mike Hedges and Martyn Ware.

Adding to the disjointed recording process was the fact that during recording Almond also spent several weeks attending a treatment centre in Canterbury for addiction to prescription drugs. Fantastic Star was Almond's last album with a major record label, and the period also marked the ending of his managerial relationship with Stevo Pearce. Almond re-invented himself and signed to Echo records in with a more downbeat and atmospheric electronica album, Open All Night. Almond relocated in to Moscow where he rented an apartment.

With the encouragement and connections of executive producer Misha Kucherenko, he embarked on a three-year recording project of Russian romance and folk songs, called Heart on Snow. In , Soft Cell reunited briefly and released their first new album in 18 years, Cruelty Without Beauty. Two singles came out of this album, "Monoculture" and a cover of the Frankie Valli 's "The Night", which led to a Top of the Pops appearance for the band, their first since the mid s.

After the accident he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. In June , Almond released an album of cover songs, Stardom Road. The album featured his first new song since the motorbike accident, "Redeem me Beauty Will Redeem the World ". Stardom Road was to be one of three albums for the Sanctuary label, the UK's largest independent record label up until [26] when it got itself into financial difficulty and was sold off in June to Universal Music Group. Almond performed for the event at the Royal Albert Hall.

The album was a tribute to Russian singer Vadim Kozin , who was exiled to the gulags of the Arctic Circle. The album was produced by Alexei Fedorov and features an orchestra arranged by Anatole Sobolev. In , Almond released the Feasting with Panthers album, a collaboration with musician and arranger Michael Cashmore.

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Almond released three albums throughout Reed states that he has written 15 songs for the project commenting that Against Nature is "still probably one of the most decadent books ever written" and that Almond had always wanted to perform it, stating that "now we're both jaded aesthetes we could do it". Almond divides his time between London, Moscow, and Barcelona. For all its faults, it is the greatest city. Almond has stated that he dislikes being pigeon-holed as "a 'gay' artist", saying that such a label "enables people to marginalise your work and reduce its importance, implying that it won't be of any interest to anyone who isn't gay".

He has been with the same partner for over 20 years. In his autobiography Almond describes being invited for initiation into Anton LaVey's Church of Satan , and that "not being one to turn down a theatrical moment and a chance to be relegated to the bad book, I immediately said yes.

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Almond states that the ceremony involved "no dancing naked, no bonfires, no blood sacrifice", but even so "every hair on my neck stood on end and sweat broke out on my top lip. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Marc Almond

This article is about the British singer. For the British jazz-rock band, see Mark-Almond. For the British political activist, see Mark Almond. Retrieved 4 April Archived from the original on 17 April Retrieved 4 March Retrieved 29 December Art into Pop, Pop into Art. Tainted Life — the autobiography. Guinness World Records Limited. Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards". Retrieved 30 August Retrieved 1 April Retrieved 19 May Retrieved 21 February Retrieved 14 August Retrieved 9 March He served in France during the latter stages of World War I. He fought in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of late , during which he was wounded and received the Silver Star.

He ended the war as a commander of a machine-gun battalion. On returning to the United States after the war, Almond taught military science at Marion Military Institute from to After a tour of duty in Philippines , where he commanded a battalion of Philippines Scouts, [2] he attended the Army War College in after which he was attached to the Intelligence Division of the General Staff for four years.

Having been promoted to lieutenant colonel in , [1] he attended the Army War College, Air Corps Tactical School, [2] and finally the Naval War College, from which he graduated in Soon after the outbreak of World War II , Almond was promoted to brigadier general and named assistant commander of the 93rd Infantry Division , based in Arizona at the time.

This regard accounted in part for Almond's promotion to major general ahead of most of his peers and subsequent command of the 92nd Infantry Division , made of almost exclusively African-American soldiers, a position he held from its formation in October until August He led the division in combat in the Italian campaign of — Although George Marshall picked Almond for this assignment because Marshall believed Almond would excel at this difficult assignment, the division performed poorly in combat with Almond blaming the division's poor performance on its largely African-American troops, echoing the widespread prejudice in the segregated Army that blacks made poor soldiers [4] —and went on to advise the Army against ever again using African-Americans as combat troops.

No white man wants to be accused of leaving the battle line. The Negro doesn't care Not at all, but we understand his capabilities. And we don't want to sit at the table with them. In Almond was transferred to Tokyo as chief of personnel at General Douglas Macarthur 's headquarters, normally a dead-end job. Almond very effectively handled the sizable challenge of staffing the occupation forces in Japan as American forces rapidly demobilized, standing out among MacArthur's lackluster staff.

Having won MacArthur's confidence as capable and loyal, [7] Almond was the logical choice to become Chief of Staff in January , when the incumbent, Paul Mueller, rotated home. After the initial North Korean attack in June , United Nations forces were forced to withdraw and eventually fell back to the Pusan Perimeter.

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MacArthur decided to counterattack with an amphibious invasion at Inchon in November. The invasion force, consisting of the 1st Marine Division and the 7th Infantry Division United States , was originally named "X Force" and was placed under the command of General Almond. Because the name X Force was confusing to logistics officers, upon Almond's suggestion, the formation was re-designated as X Corps. MacArthur split X Corps from the 8th Army , then placed Almond, who had no experience with amphibious operations, in command of the main landing force just before the landings.

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Almond earned the scorn of Marine officers when, during the early phase of the Inchon landing, he asked if the amphibious tractors used to land the Marines could float. During this time, Major General O. Smith , [8] commander of the 1st Marine Division , which was part of X Corps and therefore under Almond's overall command from October until December had many conflicts with Almond.

  1. Those Three Little Words.
  2. Sweet Almond;
  3. The Road to Master of the Law of Attraction (Japanese Edition).

Historians have criticized Almond for the wide dispersal of his units during the X Corps advance into north-eastern part of North Korea , in November—December This dispersal contributed to the defeat of X Corps by Chinese troops , including the destruction of Task Force Faith , and the narrow escape of the Marines at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.

Displaying his usual boldness, he underestimated the strength and skill of the Chinese forces, at one point telling his subordinate officers "The enemy who is delaying you for the moment is nothing more than remnants of Chinese divisions fleeing north. We're still attacking and we're going all the way to the Yalu. Don't let a bunch of Chinese laundrymen stop you. When it paid to be cautious, Ned was aggressive. Despite these mistakes and partly due to his close relationship with General MacArthur, the new Eighth Army commander Lieutenant General Matthew Ridgway , who became the commander of the 8th Army following the death of General Walker in December , retained Almond as commander of X Corps.

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  • Ridgway admired Almond's aggressive attitude, but felt he needed close supervision to ensure his boldness did not jeopardize his command. Almond and X Corps later took part in the defeat of the Chinese offensives during February and March , as well as the Eighth Army's counter-offensive, Operation Killer. In July , Almond was reassigned and became president of the U. He retired from the Army on 31 January and worked as an insurance executive until his death in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    For the politician, see Edward Almon.

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