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Detectives series, in several places of its publishing. Both the books feature different sets of main characters, who pose as detectives working for the Washington State police department. Mainly, the detectives are shown in the stories in pairs of male and female officers. While trying to unravel the various mysteries taking place in Washington, D.

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However, their lives do not remain a simple and peaceful one. They go through various ups and downs, both professionally and personally, but finally manage to catch the culprits as well as embrace their love with full determination and dedication. Besides the chief protagonists, author Roberts has also mentioned important villains, who are seen as playing interesting roles in carrying the plots forward. The readers highly intrigued to read about the stories and the characters, and could not stop themselves from finishing reading the parts in a single flow. At least most of the readers felt this way.

Each of the books became immensely successful and went on to attract a large number of readers from across the globe. The success of the books also brought with it fame and popularity for author Roberts. After the successful run of this particular series, she continued writing many other exciting mysteries in her literary career.

It was released by the Bantam publication in the year But soon, this story gets knocked off by a very shocking discovery of the dead body of a young lady. As soon as the news spread all over, an investigation team is formed to look into the matter. The initial reports suggest that the woman was strangled and murdered by the killer. After this discovery, a couple more dead bodies are found in the nearby areas.

These two victims also appear to have been killed in the same manner by the killer and are left with a note each beside them, just like in case of the first victim. When the police personnel are not able to get anywhere close to catching the serial killer, they hire the help of a top-rated psychiatrist named Dr. After going through some of the findings of the investigation, Tess Court succeeds in coming up with the portrait of the twisted soul, and it appears to be very disturbing.

The misogyny with all the male characters is just too heavy handed for me. I'm sure it gets better but I have so many books to read and I don't feel like reading this. I hate misogyny in current day romance heroes. Muy buen libro, supero mis expectativas luego de Colinas Negras pero la autora nunca me va a terminar de convencer, sera por el estilo?. Me encanto la pareja de Tess y Ben dos personas demasiado opuestas que con el tiempo descubren que no lo son tanto, hasta sus profesiones. May 14, Steph rated it liked it. This book was good what I liked about it more was the fact I didn't know immediately who done the crimes and it was quite interesting with the religious aspect.

Sep 14, KateNZ rated it liked it. I really enjoyed this book - Roberts in real storyteller mode. This is a solid crime thriller story focused around some well drawn characters. Ben and Tess have some real depth to them. The friendship and working relationship between Ben and Ed is particularly delightful - this is something Roberts do I really enjoyed this book - Roberts in real storyteller mode.

Although it's pretty dated you can tell especially when the Hero keeps smoking indoors , the side issues dealt with in this book are unfortunately still very current I found myself more involved with the side stories than with the main murder mystery but overall, it was a very good listen, even though I believe it was abridged. Como todos os livros da Nora, uma boa leitura.

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Surpreendeu-me bastante quem era o "mau da fita": Feb 01, Elena rated it really liked it Shelves: A psychiatrist Tess and a police detective Ben join forces in profiling this killer and then trying to catch him before it's too late! In the meantime - their romance develops I really liked the mystery part of this book!

It was suspenseful, creepy, and with an unexpected twist at the end realistically I don't get how some people claim they "KNEW" the killer from the first moment - to me 3. It was suspenseful, creepy, and with an unexpected twist at the end realistically I don't get how some people claim they "KNEW" the killer from the first moment - to me it was completely out of the blue!

What made me knock down a star and a half , was that I felt that the book lacked in the romance department! They disliked each other's professions and beliefs and generally did not seem to get along! It just felt way too realistic, for two people to insult each other and each other's professions and genuinely disagree with their partner - you see these kinds of disagreements in real life, when real couples fight - I don't want to read a romance about a flawed couple whose relationship I don't think could last even in a book!

By the end of a romance novel, I need to be convinced of their love and happily ever after, and in this book I wasn't. I liked the rest of the book and read it like a murder mystery , not a romance: Fall apart in front of her patients or every time she is in a difficult situation?! Instead of praising his girlfriend for being so strong, he put her down for it!

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I know his reasons were given towards the end, but I just don't feel that his reasons justified his actions The heroine annoyed me with her constant repetition of "murderers are not evil, they are just sick! I agreed with the hero that she took this "it's-a-chemical-misbalance-in-the-brain theory, he's sick, he's not evil," WAAAY too far!

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Like - tell it to the victim's families! People need to be punished for their evil actions - end of story! Even if it is a sickness, these things are not treatable and psychiatrists, of all people, should know and admit to this! This was a good read with quite a gripping mystery. A killer is loose in Washington D. Two young blonde women are found murdered - strangled with an amice, a priest's scarf, and a note attached to the scarf reading "Her sins are forgiven her".

With nothing to connect the two women and no leads on the killer the police are feeling the pressure and bring in a psychiatrist, Dr Tess Court, to help put together a profile of the killer. One of the cops on the case is Detective Ben Paris, a man with a This was a good read with quite a gripping mystery.

One of the cops on the case is Detective Ben Paris, a man with a dislike and distrust of psychiatrists. Ben and Tess are forced to work together and despite their many differences find there is a powerful attraction between them. When another woman is killed and the search for the killer intensifies, Ben and Tess find their relationship intensifying, and when Tess becomes the next target for the killer everything comes to a head.

This worked really well as a mystery. When the killer was revealed it took me by surprise, which is much better than guessing if beforehand. As a romance it was ok too, but really obvious that it was written in One of the most interesting things about this book was realising how much our attitudes to smoking have changed since In this book Ben, the main male character, is a smoker. Something that just doesn't seem to happen in today's novels. Not only is he a smoker but he is a really selfish smoker!

Walks into people's homes and lights up without asking if they mind, smokes in his patrol car with his non-smoking partner. Of course that was exactly how it used to be in , but I've got so used to living in this smoke-free world we inhabit now that I'd forgotten. I think this book should be required reading for anyone researching the evolution of society's attitudes to smoking: Mar 09, quinnster rated it it was ok.

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I don't remember the first time I read this book, but it had to have been at least 15 years ago. I don't remember not ever liking a Nora Roberts book from back in the day, but this time, this book, I'm not a big fan. Mostly, it has to do with Ben Paris. How Tess falls in love with this man is beyond me. He is nothing but horribly rude to her for most of the book, even after sleeping with her.

But at the same time her 'he has an illness' take on the killer started to get on my nerves too. For once, I don't remember the first time I read this book, but it had to have been at least 15 years ago. For once, the story just made no sense to me. Or rather, the love story aspect.

Sacred Sins by Nora Roberts | Books

It wasn't about opposites attracting it was just that besides being a dedicated police officer what exactly were Ben Paris's redeeming qualities? The killings started to get a little tired and I was actually more invested in the side story of Tess's patient Joey than the main plot. For my second time around I have to say this is a two-star read for me. I just couldn't get into the characters or the story and then the conclusion, which did take me a bit by surprise was just kind of wrapped up way too quickly.

But hey, with a bazillion books under her belt not liking one isn't bumming me out any! Oct 07, Amanda rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. May 03, Cataleya Zeus rated it really liked it. There are part I just want to skip. What I like about this novel, the characters are strong and bold as I didn't immediately know who is the killer. De qualquer forma, pelo meio temos algumas cenas policiais, que para mim, juntamente com o final, foram os pontos altos do livro.

Mar 26, Farah rated it liked it. My first Nora Roberts for such a long time. Most of Nora Roberts' heroes are usually filthy rich but Detective Ben Paris was just a regular hot guy with some issues and a bad ass attitude towards crime. Doctor Tess Court, a psychiatrist was assigned to assist the serial killer case handled by Ben and his partner. Ben was not a happy man when he met Tess, well he liked what he saw but when he found out that she was a psychiatrist..

Tess was not a mouse,she didn't run into a ho My first Nora Roberts for such a long time. Tess was not a mouse,she didn't run into a hole and hid, she faced Ben squarely and even asked him out for drinks after their first meeting to find out what was it about her profession that he didn't like. This story was entertaining, I get to picture Law and Order in my mind as I root for Ben and Tess to get it on despite their differences.

One of my most favorite scene was when Tess invited Ben over for Thanksgiving dinner with her grandfather. I'm a food whore, no apologies there. Detectives 1 - April Book of the Month 37 48 May 01, Recommendations on Sacred Sins by Nora Roberts? She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J. There are more than million copies of her books in print. Other books in the series.

Sacred Sins

Books by Nora Roberts. Trivia About Sacred Sins D. No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Sacred Sins. Hundreds of thousands of people are confined to hospitals. She wanted to shout, to sit down, to just walk away. It took the rest of her control not to do any of those things.

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  4. Whatever you begin, you finish. That, too, was part of her training. I had no complaints here. The Priest is as much a character as Tess and Ben are. And though I would have wanted a more thoroughly explained ending, I heartily recommend Sacred Sins to any and all. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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