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Alexander Graham Bell 7. In Book 7 of The Treasure Chest, Maisie and Felix meet a young Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone in Edinborough, Scotland, just as he leaves for a year with his grandfather, an elocutionist, in London. When the twins get separated from Alexander, they join the thousands of orphans in the streets of Victorian London. Maisie becomes an orange seller and Felix a chimney sweep as they search the foggy streets for Alexander…and each other.

ALL 10 Treasure Chest Locations in Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island!

Back at home, they cope with the upcoming wedding of Great Uncle Thorne, who makes them leave Elm Medona and return to the upstairs servants quarters. The twins travel to Hawaii in the late s, where they spend time with the royal family and continue to master the magic of time-travel. There, they meet a young girl named Lydia who will one day grow up to be Queen Liliuokalani, the last queen of Hawaii. While exploring they meet a young man, soon to be known as Crazy Horse—and embark on an adventure that includes fascinating vision quests and exciting battles.

The secrets of Elm Medona thicken. Uncle Thorne moves the family into the mansion proper. When Felix Robbins gets a crush on Lily Goldstein, a classmate who is adopted from China, he decides to try to take her back in time so that she can see the country where she was born. Maisie discovers his plot, and foils it. But the twins end up in a small village on the Yangtze River, where they meet a girl named Pearl Buck in the days just before the Boxer Rebellion.

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With bandits chasing them, will they ever find safety. Now that the twins have begun to settle into their new lives at Elm Medona, they delve deeper into The Treasure Chest and uncover more about the Pickworth family, including the disappearance of their great-uncle Thorne and the theft of priceless family artifacts. There they meet a young man named Alexander Hamilton who is about to embark on a journey to New York.

Disappointed that they have not landed in their beloved New York City, they wonder why they were brought to Massachusetts to meet a young girl named Clara Barton. You'll find the treasure sitting on snow and next to a small rock peak. Be sure to have an agile car that can handle the steep terrain. This riddle briefly stumped us since it's a tad misleading.

No, you don't actually jump over fallen structures as the riddle dictates, but you do make a leap at the Danger Sign closest to the ruins, Fenholm Ruin's Leap to be exact. There's less mystery with the car, as the riddle mentions a "three-wheeled Morgan" and there is literally a three-wheeled car by Morgan Motor Company available.

After you've solved the riddle with that jump, make a degree turn and head for the ruins' swampy area. The Morgan three-wheeler isn't exactly suited for flooded terrain so now would be a good time to get into something more versatile. While in the hint circle, use the drone to line up the sunken church with the pointed rock formation in the background. Look for the chest next to the remains of a house. Unlike the fourth riddle, there's no ambiguity with this Arthurian themed brain teaser.


And there's actually a speed trap next to the only lake on the island titled, 'Lady on the Lake'. Simply notch a 3-star run with an Audi R8 to solve the riddle. We pulled it off at miles per hour with minimal difficulty. This photo clue is especially easy due to two distinct objects: The lone tree and the large rock formation in the distance. Whether by car or by drone, once you have the tree and rock formation lined up in view, look for the chest in the foreground.

Red Dead Online Bard’s Crossing treasure

Enjoy it, especially since only six were ever made! When the riddle refers to a "Jeep named Willy", it's not by the car manufacturer Jeep with a model named Willy, but the other way around. Get yourself a jeep by the car company called Willy and head for the Will-o'-the-Wisp speed zone in the east.

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We learned keeping the speed above 60 miles per hour was more than enough to solve the riddle. The treasure isn't far from the speed zone and you'd might as well hang on to the jeep since you'll need something sensible to take along the cliffs of Fortune Island. Use the drone to scour the furthest tip of the cliffs. You can't just take the drone over the cliffs, mind you, as it will mysteriously fall over. Once you've located the chest's exact spot, take the jeep there slowly, so you don't accidentally fall into the ocean. This riddle reminds drivers that Lamborghini make more than just sports cars.

Look for the LM Lamborghini in the showroom or your collection and take it to The Forest Run trailblazer activity. The time limit for the run is very forgiving, so don't feel like you need to floor it and tear through the forest, thereby risking a collision against the more indestructible trees.

You can even go around the heart forest if you like. The treasure location is at the south edge of the forest, where the trees meet the lake. Whereas prior photo clues put the treasure chests in the foreground, this photo sneakily hides the chest in the background, so don't bother driving into the water. Instead, start at the water and drive in the direction of the snowy peaks in the distance to find the treasure.

The vehicle for this riddle feels like an unofficial Transformers tie-in. The Swedish knight this clue is referring to is the Volvo Iron Knight, one of the more uniquely designed trucks in Forza Horizon 4. We had fun threading it down the narrow path of the Lakeside Speed Zone. There's no need to get three stars to unlock solve the riddle. With the photo hint revealed, your next stop is the cave at the base of Storm Beach to the south.

Red Dead Online Bard’s Crossing treasure map guide – where is the chest?

It's the only cave on the island so there's no risk of confusion. You need a keen eye to find the treasure.

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Not only is the cave dark but the chest is hidden behind some pirate ship ruins. It shouldn't take you long, though; it's a small save. It's especially worth the effort since you'll also unlock the Saleen S5S! So far, pulling off these performance-based riddles should be a breeze.

The ninth riddle is a different story.

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  7. It hints of a Korean performance car with the keyword "sting". Go get yourself the KIA Stinger. You're welcome to make a beeline for the riddle destination, the Mountainside Speed Trap up north, but you're going to have a difficult time reaching the 3-star rating the riddle demands. You'd be lucky if you break miles per hour; you need for the 3 stars.

    The trick is to upgrade the Stinger and turn it into an S1-rated beast. We managed to get it up to a rating, which was just enough to hit We also highly recommend getting a hefty running start from the countryside in the east. When you unlock the photo, get ready to head way south.